High-productive Summa Laser Cutters acknowledged by HP

Summa Press Release
For immediate release 19/02/2020

It is long past time that cutting was an obstacle in the process of design, printing, calendering, cutting to sewing. With today's technology, machines have become better aligned and much easier to use. However, suppliers can help customers even more by investigating which associated systems are compatible with each other. For this purpose, HP evaluated and tested the Summa L Series laser cutters with the HP Stitch Printer Series. Summa proudly confirms it has received the validation by HP. This acknowledgement shows that both technologies work seamlessly together, providing added value to customer workflows.

The HP Stitch Printer Series for dye sublimation printing has the fastest colour match available in the market. A beautiful asset to the final products if finished well. To accomplish that, customers can rely on Summa’s L Series. These laser cutters excel in precision and productivity. Summa developed the L Series to cut textile for sportswear, fashion, soft signage and interior decoration.

HP states that the purpose of the validation with Summa is to enhance the value proposition and competitive advantage of HP Stitch and Summa. As a result, solutions can be provided for the E2E printing environment beyond the printer.

Summa’s CEO, Erwin Vandousselaere adds: “With our L Series and the L3214 in particular, Summa introduced a true productivity game changer to textile cutting. It is not only speed which makes this cutter to stand out, it also maintains the finest accuracy and meets the highest safety standards. In addition, thanks to the 3.2 m (10’ 5”) width, it entails a perfect synergy with large format textile printers, such as the HP Stitch Printer Series. After all, I believe the validation by HP represents great added value helping customers with their choice of equipment that fits their business needs.”

High value for investment

For companies in high production environments, production capacity is where profit comes from. In that case, it is all the more important to optimize workflows and make the most qualitative products in the shortest possible time. Part of this is the coordination between print and cut. Summa, in turn, ensures laser cutters that are worth the investment by delivering:

  • Increased production capacity through automation and high laser acceleration
  • Ease of use through automated options and smart media handling
  • Business continuity through reliable long-life laser tube and high-quality electronics
  • Safe operations with the closed system and the extraction of fumes
  • Precise finish through camera recognition, contactless cutting and sealed edges

The process of optimizing customer workflows goes beyond cutting or printing. It is the sum of all parts and how well they work together. Customers can rely on Summa’s L Series for laser cutting a wide range of textile applications. To point out, cutting sportswear with the L1810 Vision cutter and breaking productivity records with large-format soft signage that is cut with the L3214 laser cutter.

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