How a Summa vinyl cutter increased yield of Industria Graphica FG


Industria Graphica FG is a company based in Salerno in Italy. Whose business includes home décor, textile, and anything from signs to banners and car wraps to full interior designs. Back in 2016, the company purchased a Summa S Class 2 vinyl cutter, the S2T160. They have one clear goal, to keep evolving and growing business with innovative ideas and top-level equipment.

The new vinyl cutter was the Italian company’s first investment in a roll-to-roll cutter with a tangential cutting head. It features Summa’s renowned True Tangential Technology. This unique technology ensures a clean and accurate cut, even in most troublesome corners. Moreover, the company's workflow improved considerably due to the incorporated camera recognition of registration marks. This is called the Summa OPOS Cam with advanced camera optics technology. As a matter of fact, these technologies were contributing to a striking increase in the company’s yield. And a remarkable shrink in their production time.

Years of diligent and meticulous cutting

Meanwhile, the Summa cutter is proving Industria Graphica FG its worth during these 4 years of diligent cutting. The company is using the vinyl cutter to finish a wide range of applications. To name a few, wallpapers and floor decoration both in small as well as large format. But also vehicle decoration and all kinds of sign and display solutions belong to the Summa cutter’s finishing portfolio.

Dott. Fabrizio Citro – General Manager at Industria Graphica FG says: “Another example the Summa cutter processes with precision and ease, is the finishing of expo gadgets. The ones we produce are made out of magnetic material. In order to make them, we use the included FlexCut feature of the Summa roll cutter software. It enables us to create tear-off lines by seamlessly alternating between cutting through and partially cutting through the magnetic media. This technique avoids any damage to the cutter. Furthermore, it allows for the cut parts to stay together, maintaining the media’s rigidity during the cutting process of the roll. Afterwards, it is very easy to weed the cut parts.”

Cutting a wider range of applications

Dott. Fabrizio Citro adds: “Thanks to the use of the Summa vinyl cutter, we are able to create new opportunities and solutions, such as the processing of nautic sails. This particular substrate is a special textile, which is very hard and rigid to print and cut. In the past, we didn’t succeed in processing them properly. But thanks to Summa’s expertise – in both product and service - we are now able to deliver these sails with great finishing results. I truly believe that the purchase of the Summa vinyl cutter back in 2016 was in many ways a good move. It helped us to reach higher quality levels, thus, contributing to lift our business to the next level.”

Industria Graphica FG has a strong motto: non abbiamo limiti, nemmeno di formato. Which means: we have no limits, not even in format. With that in mind, the possibilities are endless and creativity prevails with high-end print and cut equipment.

How does True Tangential Technology work

The True Tangential Technology of Summa refers to the highly-engineered tangential cutting heads on the cutters. This technology provides perfectly shaped corners in thin, but also in very thick, rigid media. Unique is that no drag forces are exerting on the media. The tangential knife lifts out of the media before it enters a corner, then turns into the right position and starts to cut the corner meticulously.

Consequently, weeding of the cut vinyl parts happens with ease because every corner is perfectly shaped and cut by means of an overcut feature. Additionally, it allows for much higher cutting pressures and enables the use of longer knives compared to the drag knife technology. What's even more, Summa is the only manufacturer of the True Tangential Technology. With this remarkable technology on their vinyl cutters, the Summa S Class 2 T cutter series is truly unique and unmatched.

More tangential cutting systems

The only other cutting devices you will find with this high-end tangential technology are Summa's flatbed cutters. With such flatbed cutting machine, there is no restriction in size or in weight of the material. The flatbed cutters of Summa come in variable sizes, enabling new business opportunities by finishing many more applications.