Laser Cutter Series

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Our specialists in laser cutting technology have over 25 years of experience. The knowledge gained during this time, combined with market feedback led to further development and optimization of Summa's laser machines. Discover the L Series optimised for cutting printed fabrics and textiles.


Optimise your workflow with
laser cutting technology

Whether you are in the industry of fast fashionsportswear or technical textiles, the L Series serves as a perfect laser cutting system optimised for textile cutting.

The benefits of A Summa Laser Cutter

Summa laser cutting machines are developed to help optimizing workflows and to make them worth the investment by delivering:

  • Increased production capacity through automation and high laser acceleration
  • Ease of use through automated options and smart media handling
  • Business continuity through reliable long-life laser tube and high-quality electronics
  • Safe operations with the closed system and the extraction of fumes
  • Precise cutting through camera recognition, contactless cutting and sealed edges



Laser cutting software

The L Series range comes with powerful ApS-Ethos cutting software. The ApS-Ethos suite of cutting software is the result of more than 25 years of expert knowledge. The software is developed with the aim to create a range of software that is easy to use, yet extremely powerful. Its flexibility allows it to be tailored to suit the individual needs of a company. 

The ApS-Ethos Laser Cutting and Engraving software enable vector files to be imported or created before outputting to a Summa laser cutting machine, L Series, FB Series or GraphiXscan. Use automatic features to organize the layout of designs prior to outputting and assign material effects to the design to ensure accurate cutting.

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Laser camera technology

The Summa laser cutting machines are equipped with unique camera technology, where you can choose which method is most suitable for your specific type of job. There are two types of camera available: the Vision Camera (standard on the L3214) and the Head Camera (standard on the L1810).

Vision Camera System
Contour Cut Vision Trace

The Vision Trace method - tracing the contours of the designs - is advised to use on the L1810 laser cutter and very convenient when cutting sportswear. No cutting file is needed which adds to the automation and ease of use and reduces downtimes considerably. The Vision Camera System is optional on the L1810 laser cutter.


Vision Camera System
Contour Cut Vision Marks

The Vision Marks method - using registration marks - is most beneficial on the L3214 laser cutter, for instance, to process soft signage jobs at fixed-size. The L3214 is standard equipped with the Vision Camera, enabling the use of both methods - Vision trace and Vision marks - depending on your job requirements.


Head Camera System
Registration marks

The head camera system is standard mounted on the L1810 laser cutters (side note: optional on the FB Series). This camera system uses registration marks to process cut-to-size, as well as contour cutting jobs. Increased accuracy and advanced nesting capabilities not only ensure a clean-cut but also reduce material waste substantially.




The game-changers in textile manufacturing

Laser cutters within the L Series are available in three models for which you can choose the power you need. These L Series models are optimised for cutting fabrics. If you need to cut a higher variety of rigid and flexible materials, contact us to discover the FB Series and GraphiXscan. The FB Series offer a bespoke configuration, tailored to your specific cutting needs.


Seamlessly meet requirements for cutting textiles

  • Especially suited to cut textiles
  • Ability to cut all sorts of raw materials
  • Standard equipped with head camera
  • Vision system is optional
  • Suitable for high-production environments
  • Fast processing for more throughput in less time


Meet your customers' deadlines and improve your margin

  • Standard equipped with Vision camera
  • On-the-fly cutting: cutting while scanning in the next part, simultaneously
  • Edge-detect de-reeler ensuring a straight feed of the material
  • The camera scans registration marks or contours using trace
  • Automatic creation of cutting vector
  • Suitable for high-production environments
  • Cutting typical jobs at 400 m²/hour

FB Series - Bespoke Laser Cutting Systems

Contact us for your industrial and bespoke applications.


In addition to the L Series, Summa has an extensive range of laser cutting systems, adapted to your specific business requirements. Find laser cutting machines for highly specialized applications and industrial applications in the FB Series and laser engraving machines with the GraphiXscan.

The systems are developed by Summa's laser division CadCam Technology. Our laser division has over 25 years of experience in laser cutting technology. The knowledge, gained over the years, combined with market feedback led to further development and optimization of our laser cutting machines.



Our teams are pleased to give you more information and product advice.


MODEL: L1810 L1810 Vision L3214
LASER POWER 50 or 100 watts (Air-cooled), 120 or 250 watts (Water-cooled) 50 or 100 watts (Air-cooled), 120 or 250 watts (Water-cooled) 250 Watt (Water-cooled)
DIMENSIONS 1030 x  2750 x 2150 mm (HxWxD)
All dimensions are displayed without motor de-reeler

1800 x  2750 x 2150 mm (HxWxD)
All dimensions are displayed without motor de-reeler

1328 mm x 4382 mm x 3071 mm
All dimensions are displayed without scanning module

MAX ROLL WIDTH 1900 mm 3400 mm
MAX CUT WIDTH x LENGTH 1860 mm x Continuous 3300 mm x continuous
  • OPOS marks
  • OPOS marks
  • Vision system with High-Resolution line scanner
  • OPOS marks
  • Advanced Vision system
  • Axial speed: 0,2 mm/s up to 1000 mm/s
  • Speed increments of 0,1 mm/sec for accurate adjustments
  • Acceleration up to 1 G
  • Maximum speed: 1500mm/sec
  • Max acceleration 1 G
  • Extraction speed control
  • Fully anodised extruded chassis
  • Full complement single row cageless bearings
  • Single-phase input
  • High precision CNC controller with raster capability
  • Extraction speed control
  • Fully anodised extruded chassis
  • Full complement single row cageless bearings
STANDARD SOLUTION INCLUDES Software ApS-Ethos Cutting Composer, Water chiller (if required), Conveyor system, Visible diode for setup, Compressed air drying bowl and flow regulator, Motion system loop servo motors with hardened ground steel rails, Resolution 0.025 mm, Steel reinforced drive belts, Zero backlash X Belts, Kevlar-reinforced timing belts, Hardened and ground precision motion rails PC and monitor, Active motorized edge detect de-reeler, Conveyor system, Vision system, Water chiller, Software ApS-Ethos Cutting Composer, Visible diode for setup, Compressed air drying bowl and flow regulator, Vacuum pumps, Centrifugal extraction pump