L1810 Laser Cutter

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Seamlessly meet requirements for cutting textiles

The L1810 laser cutter is especially suitable to cut textiles, such as sportswear, dye sublimation garments but also all sorts of raw materials used in the composite industry. This laser cutter is available with and without Vision system. The L1810 Vision is utmost suitable to be used in high-production environments, demanding fast processing of printed textiles in order to achieve more throughput in less time.


Optimize your workflow with a perfect laser cut

The L1810 models are built to meet the highest cutting requirements and available with or without Vision scanning system.

Cut rolls with minimal operator intervention

The optional Vision technology quickly scans the material on the cutting bed. It automatically creates a cut vector and cuts the entire roll with minimal operator intervention. If preferred otherwise, with only a click of a button, any design file loaded into the machine will be cut with quality sealed edges.

Motorized de-reeler relaxing materials

Our motorized roll handling system automatically feeds the material out. Besides the standard de-reeler, you can also opt for the edge-detect de-reeler. The fabric moves back and forth to adjust for telescoping or uneven rolling of the textile by detecting the edge of the material. As the roll unwinds, a loop is kept constant to relax the material. This removes all fabric tension before cutting, which reduces distortion and ensures an accurate cut.

Next generation conveyor system

Summa's conveyor system for the L Series is ideal for continuous processing of rolled material as it automatically transports cut parts out of the machine. The metal non-reflective - avoiding flashback - slat construction of the conveyor allows for vacuum extraction from underneath. The vacuum holds down the material, which will result in a clean cut and precise transport movement through the working area.

High-quality laser tube

The laser cutter is equipped with the best quality sealed RF laser source. The laser system uses contactless cutting, meaning there is no drag on the material and no need to change blades. It enables users to process sensitive and easily distorted textiles with high precision. 

Classified safety system

For safety and environmental reasons, fumes are removed by the internal extraction system. Some residue can be produced when laser cutting, but is removed from the cutting chamber by the extraction system. This way, a clean work environment is maintained. The L1810 meets the Class 1 standard, ensuring the laser cutting source is covered during operation and paused when the cover is opened.

Segmentation Feed

Due to the conveyor system, the L Series makes light work of cutting shapes and designs, that are much larger than their actual cutting area. Once the first part of the cut is completed, the conveyor moves and cuts the next part, and so on. This makes the L Series system ideal for laser cutting flags and banners of any length.

Conveyor front extensionNEW

The Conveyor Front Extension on the L1810 is ideal for jobs on roll material and will facilitate the operator's life considerably. Once the first part of the cutting job is completed, the conveyor advances the cut material to the extended front, where the operator can remove the cut parts safely and easily.

Meanwhile, the laser can cut the next part of the job in the back. This will minimise idle periods and manual labour, increase yield and maintain a well-organised working space. 

The front conveyor extension is optional on the L1810 and not retrofittable. The conveyor should only be installed by a certified Summa dealer. 



High-production processing of printed textiles can rely on the Summa L1810 with optional Vision system. Enjoy the benefits of an automated workflow, reduced idle periods and maximum use of material with a minimum of waste.

  • Contactless cutting with high precision
    Even for sensitive and easily distorted textiles
  • Perfectly sealed edges
    Cutting quality exceeding your expectations
  • Continuous production of roll materials
    With the 1.8 m conveyor system
  • Automatic detection of deformations
    A perfect cut thanks to the intelligent camera system using Vision, compensating any deformations
  • Safety is not taken lightly
    Summa's laser system meets Class 1 standard, ensuring the laser cutting source is covered during operation and pausing if the cover is open


Choose the right power for the job

Enhance your level of productivity with the optional Vision system. This laser advanced technology instantly scans the material with minimal operator intervention and without the need for cut files.

What kind of power do I need?

All common materials such as textiles, wood, plastics can be cut/engraved using the 50 Watt laser. However, at much lower production speeds compared to lasers with a higher power. So, if you want to increase throughput, you need to increase the laser power. 


50 or 100 watts (Air-cooled), 120 or 250 watts (Water-cooled)

L1810 Vision

50 or 100 watts (Air-cooled), 120 or 250 watts (Water-cooled)



Our teams are pleased to give you more information and product advice.


  • 50 or 100 watts (Aircooled)
  • 120 or 250 watts (Watercooled)
DIMENSIONS 1030 x  2750 x 2150 mm (HxWxD)
1800 x  2750 x 2150 mm (HxWxD) (with Vision option)
All dimensions are displayed without motor de-reeler
MAX CUT 1860 mm x Continuous
CAMERA RECOGNITION OPOS marks, optional Vision system
  • Acceleration up to 1G
  • Axial speed: 0,2 mm/s up to 1000 mm/s
  • Speed increments of 0,1 mm/sec for accurate adjustments
  • Motion system loop servo motors with hardened ground steel rails
  • Software ApS-Ethos Cutting Composer
  • Resolution 0.025 mm
  • Water chiller (if required)
  • Steel reinforced drive belts
  • Zero backlash X Belts
  • Kevlar-reinforced timing belts
  • High precision CNC controller with raster capability
  • Visible diode for setup
  • Hardened and ground precision motion rails
  • Full complement single row cageless bearings
  • Fully anodised extruded chassis
  • Single-phase input
  • Extraction speed control
  • Compressed air drying bowl and flow regulator
  • High-Resolution line scanner (part of the optional Vision system)

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