Summa raises the bar with its latest Workflow Automation at Fespa 2023!

Summa is looking forward to the upcoming Fespa Global Print Expo which will take place from 23 to 26 May in Munich, Germany. This prestigious print and signage exhibition brings together leading industry professionals, to which Summa will present their latest products and advancements. You can discover more of Summa’s top-level cutting solutions at booth B1-C10. We look forward to connect with you! 

At Fespa, Summa will demonstrate its latest developments in workflow efficiency and highly advanced automation. With just a glance at the booth, our large set-up around the F1612 flatbed cutter demonstrating an automated workflow will surely catch your eye. 

Automatic sheet feeding 

Summa introduces the Board Feed Pro 75 at Fespa, a new board feeder to load sheets automatically onto the F1612 flatbed cutter. It is designed to process cardboard, printed sheets and other graphic materials. In addition to that, the feeder is also compatible with materials such as UV printed foam PVC boards and more typical Sign and Display materials.  

Using the feeding system, the printed volumes to process can go up, which reduces the cost per copy. Moreover, the F1612 keeps its flexibility thanks to the easy roll in and roll out design of the feeder. 

Automatic collection of cut materials 

After the F1612 flatbed cutter processed the materials and brought them forward to the conveyor extension, visitors will discover the next step in workflow automation. Allow us to introduce the Cobot to you. 

The Cobot ensures that the cut material is collected without operator intervention. It is able to recognise different designs and sort them as required. The Cobot has great built-in safety that allows it to cooperate with humans. Therefore, there is no need to put a safety fence around it which saves valuable space. 

By introducing these new extensions for the F1612 flatbed cutter, the F Series have become even more versatile. A reliable companion taking your business and production to higher levels. 

Live demonstrations

On top of the new solution to workflow automation, Summa's full product range will be represented. Visitors will be able to witness live demonstrations on:  

We hope to see you soon!

Do you want to have a taste of what Summa’s products can offer? Plan your visit to Summa at booth B1-C10 and visit Valiani at booth B1-C03.  

Register before May 25 to get a discount on your entry ticket to the Fespa Expo via this registration link using Summa’s Promo Code: FESNHGHXS59. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting during the show, please contact your Summa Sales Representative or contact us via the website.