Vision Display shares the success of the Summa Demo Room in Asia

Vision Display is one of Summa’s key representatives in Singapore, Asia and is active for over 20 years in the signs and graphics industry. The company specialises in digital printing and finishing, offering advertising and marketing solutions. The company’s services are not only limited to printing large-format advertising materials such as billboards, banners, and flags but include visual design and merchandising, props fabrication and more.

About a year ago, Vision Display collaborated with Summa to set up a demo room filled with dedicated Summa equipment, to integrate perfectly with their present facilities. This allowed Vision Display to grow its customer base and business relationships. At the same time, Summa will be able to further expand its business in the Asian Pacific markets.

Far-reaching commitment, integration and growth
The demo room has a dedicated venue for interested parties to witness demonstrations on Summa’s professional cutting equipment, which creates astonishing high-quality applications in a straightforward print and cut workflow.

Robin Lim, CEO at Vision Display, explains: “Since the opening of the demo room, we noticed a substantial growth in our customer base and overall business return. Entering into a commitment with Summa and the integration of dedicated Summa cutting equipment brought immediate added value and a constant flow of visitors and customers.”

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Converting manual cutting into a fully automated workflow
The Summa portfolio showcased in the demo room is diverse. Different Summa products – S Class 2 and F Series - are present to demonstrate a multitude of innovative cutting solutions. The Summa cutters gain popularity fast. With their versatility and flexibility, many visitors watch in awe of what they are capable of. With the start of the demo room, Vision Display managed to expand its cutting solutions and applications. The company now focuses on full automation thanks to the Summa cutters.

Robin Lim adds: “With the capabilities of the F Series and S Class 2 Series, we have converted 95% of our manual cutting and trimming into automation. Additionally, the F Series allows us to process honeycomb board that initiates an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible practice, migrating away from our traditional carpentry fabrication. We are now able to adapt according to our customers’ needs with a quick turnaround. Moreover, we sold an F1612 flatbed cutter to cut Kevlar and other technical textiles.”


The importance of having well-organised demonstrations
Having a demo room is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value of a business’ products to prospective customers. In Summa’s case, a demonstration serves as an effective tool that showcases prospects with an understanding of how the cutting solution can be a true game-changer. Vision Display endorses this vision enthusiastically.

“Thanks to the possibility of having demonstrations daily, our customers are able to understand both our brand and the Summa brand better. The demo facility enables us to conduct live videos to showcase a wide variety of cutting jobs and testing materials, that we can share with customers internationally. The opportunities are infinite and stretches beyond national borders.”