The added value of a highly productive laser to your business

Applications for laser cutting have increased steadily in recent years because of the numerous advantages of the technology. Efficiency, productivity, cost-effectiveness, versatility, are only a few of the many perks laser cutting technology can offer. Especially for companies who are into high-volume processing of textiles and soft signage, Summa laser technology will bring substantial added value. But even at lower production levels, you can benefit from laser because of the savings in labour costs, tool wear and installation.

The following six topics give more insight into the benefits of Summa’s performant laser cutters.


  1. Efficient workflow without backlogs
    With Summa laser cutters, cutting the materials become as fast or even faster than before. Meaning that backlogs are eliminated and a continuous workflow is created. The productivity of the laser cutters is due to the speed at which the laser beam travels and the ability of the system to cut while the material is being fed (cut on the fly).


  1. Easy finishing thanks to cutting precision and smooth edges
    The laser cutters of Summa are focused on delivering a high-quality finish that is consistently the same, even in a larger cutting The lasers have a small beam divergence which keeps the focal spot size very small. Thus, enabling the cutter to cut designs with high precision. It is thanks to this degree of precision, the edges are sealed and soft without fraying which is ideal for ready-to-use textiles. Moreover, cutting with laser is contactless and has no tension on the material resulting in a clean cut without distortions. This leads to efficient finishing of the materials, for instance in the sewing department.


  1. More possibilities in production
    The laser cutters operate with a focused heat intensity, facilitating to cleanly and accurately cut virtually any fabric material with perfectly sealed edges. Ranging from cut-to-frame designs, flags and banners, but also sportswear, trade show graphics, backlit displays, carpet, garment, fishing nets, parachutes, seat belts etc. The possibilities are endless and allow for industry experts to be as creative and productive as can be. If you want to read about Laser cutting for customized jobs in high-volume, you can read this article.


  1. Reduced customer order cycle
    The importance of delivering fast-to market is real, customers no longer want to wait long for their orders. This requires utilizing equipment and processes that work at pace without risking quality. With Summa laser cutters, businesses have the equipment to respond adequately to this trend. High-quality demands are met at the speed needed to deliver fast.


  1. Workflow automation with powerful production software
    Summa’s GoProduce software for laser cutters is not just user-friendly. It allows a roll of textile with different cutting jobs to be processed without operator intervention. The feature needs a Vision* camera system and uses a Barcode in the design to retrieve the corresponding cutting files automatically. Thanks to this workflow automation, time is freed up for the operator to attend to other jobs. This has a direct positive influence on the overall yield of the business.


  1. Adapt quickly to market trends and changes
    Staying competitive in an industry that changes very rapidly can be tough. Knowing that slow cutting machines will not help in delivering fast and qualitative products. A highly productive and flexible laser cutter can help you overcome this challenge. Summa’s laser cutters are not only fast and precise, they also incorporate *Vision camera This technology enables to quickly scan the material on the cutting bed and detect the design. Moreover, the Vision technology enables on-the-fly-cutting, which implies the material is being cut while scanning in the next part, simultaneously.


That is how Summa can bring added value to your business with the laser cutters from the L Series. Discover the range here or contact us for more information.