ApS-Ethos Laser Cutting Software

Developed to perfectly match your Summa laser cutter

Software Discontinued

Please note that we have discontinued the development and sale of our ApS Ethos software. However, our customers can still rely on our support, including assistance with critical issues and technical support for Ethos v18 and v19, until the end of 2025.

To avoid any disruption in functionality, it is important to ensure that your version is compatible. In case you are looking for an alternative software for laser cutting solutions, we recommend Summa GoProduce Laser Edition. 



The ApS-Ethos suite of Cutting software is easy to use and extremely powerful. It is specially developed for laser cutters, such as the Summa L Series, FB Series and the GraphiXscan. The extended in-house knowledge has laid the foundation for a software platform tailored to suit a company’s individual needs.



State-of-the-art laser cutting
powered by sophisticated software

Achieve leading-edge laser cutting

Material Manager

The material manager checks the placement of the parts that need to be cut. Besides, you can create your own vector files using the many automatic drawing tools available. In addition, material effect tools can be used to assign specific cutting information to an outline prior to cutting, resulting in an accurate cut each time again.

Cutting composer system

A fully integrated database facility for the storage of designs. Retrieval of stored designs is possible via design name, customer, category, reference, description or even keywords. The system is standard included with all laser cutters. It incorporates the ideal accompaniment to the Laser cutting machines to ensure maximum productivity.

Pinpoint camera technology

The intelligent camera technology of the laser system quickly scans the material's registration marks, allowing to compensate for any deformations and stretches that occur in unstable rolls of textile. When the laser-cut pieces exit the machine, they will be perfectly cut, according to the design.

Vision Trace

Instead of loading your cut files, the Vision trace system continuously scans the outlines of the design and automatically creates the cutting vector, needed for the job. Then, the laser cutter will start to cut while the material is fed. This way, continuous cutting is secured, even when the conveyor is moving, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Opto cut

The Optical Recognition software uses a small video camera on the laser cutter head to detect registration marks on the material. Consequently, any distortion of the material is compensated which will give accurate and flawless cutting results.

Engraving Software Module

The laser engraving software works with the L Series and FB Series, enabling images or vectors to be laser engraved onto fabric and other materials at very high speed. Whether it be leather, denim or polyester, especially the FB Series is truly versatile, enabling to reproduce each design with great precision.


Discover the new standard in Laser cutting software

  • Material manager to easily check the placement of the parts that need to be cut.
  • Smooth file import thanks to a wide selection of vector file formats.
  • Cutting composer system to store and retrieve designs for maximum productivity.
  • Pinpoint camera technology to automatically scan registration marks, allowing to compensate for any deformations.
  • The Vision Trace System to automatically create cutting files enabling continuous cutting.
  • Opto Cut software for pinpoint registration mark detection, resulting in flawless cutting.
  • Multiple software modules within APS-Ethos including laser engraving. Engrave into a variety of materials with great precision at lightning speed.



Get the most out of your Laser cutter

Excellent laser cutting goes hand in hand with powerful software. ApS-Ethos Software is developed to tailor each cutting need. No cutting challenge is too big.