Sign and Display


Optimise your
Print & Cut Workflow

Whether it be POS display products, stickers, mock-ups, traffic signs, billboards or car wrapping, the world of Sign and Display is broad and versatile. Discover how our cutting solutions can optimize your print & cut workflow, meet your customers’ deadlines and deliver perfectly finished end-products.

Perfectly finished soft signs

The Soft Signage Market is big for good reasons. The materials are of much lighter weight and in many ways easier to work with. The result for the end customer is stunning. Moreover, this type of material cannot be damaged as quickly as rigid materials. Summa's large flatbed cutters support a wide range of soft signage applications.

Vinyl perfection with True Tangential cutting

Summa is renowned for its True Tangential Technology that excels on the S Class 2 vinyl cutters in particular. The tangential knife is controlled by a motor, positioning the knife in the correct angle and lifting up the knife from the media when cutting corners. The S Class 2 vinyl cutters of the T Series will cut your vinyl to perfection.

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