Summa S One Series: the One to Change the Game

In the sign & digital industry and beyond Summa is known to be the forerunner when it comes to roll cutting technology. In this regard, our renowned SummaCut and S Class 2 Series have brought many striking cutting solutions to sign makers worldwide.

But standing still is not an option. On the contrary, it is Summa’s unbridled pursuit to continuously improve its product lines to uphold its legendary performance, the company stands for. This belief led to the development of a completely new product line, built from the base and with you, the user in mind.

Meet the Summa S One Series, the ONE to change your game!

Value and reliability combined in one do-it-all cutter

The S One roll cutter Series is the next step in Summa’s mid-level cutting machines and replaces the SummaCut Series. By using the experience acquired over many years, with S One we offer you a reliable series that is more powerful and more ergonomic. Ready to enhance your cutting workflow by obtaining unrivalled quality without compromise.

What’s new ‘at first sight’

  • Sleeker, more modern look because appearances do count
  • Mesh basket with new tilting design for convenient media handling
  • Blue mechanical adjustable parts for easy navigation
  • Intuitive colour touchscreen

Of course, it never stops with looks alone, so we worked towards a boost of intrinsic properties and capabilities in the S One product line. A few new benefits were added. Others were improved.  Why? Because for Summa quality is not an act. It is a habit.

Enjoy the S One key benefits

  • A powerful drag knife that now delivers no less than up to 600 gr cutting force
  • Improved ergonomics, to dismiss all complexity and welcome a straightforward, easy-to-use product
  • Reliable tracking system, allowing to process consecutive jobs without reloading and embedding extra internal intelligence to increase control and stability during the processing of longer jobs
  • High working speeds, obtained thanks to a fast servo system and efficient OPOS Y-line system
  • Automated workflow options, such as barcode workflow and in-house GoSign software to reduce operator labour time and increase yield
  • Guaranteed exceptional cutting quality through pinpoint contour cutting accuracy with the enhanced OPOS sensor system
  • Smart features, such as FlexCut, TurboCut or OPOS Xtra combined with high-level internal intelligence and premium up-to-date components for longevity

OPOS technology = Next level contour cutting

All Summa S One roll cutters are equipped with the OPOS sensor technology, which brings contour cutting to a higher level. Even laminated prints with additional UV resistance or a glossier finish are easy to handle thanks to Summa’s alignment methods.

  • OPOS X, to execute contour cutting jobs fast, accurately and on a wide range of materials
  • OPOS XY, allows measuring a line across the print width to automatically adjust media curvature or deformation
  • OPOS XY2 is an enhancement of the OPOS XY method and allows changes in the print curvature between start and finish of your print job
  • OPOS barcode, a most productive tool to process multiple jobs without operator intervention
  • OPOS Xtra is the next evolution in OPOS, designed to handle irregular material deformation over the length of the print. This method is specifically beneficial when processing very small stickers. Note: A new firmware release enables OPOS Xtra for both the S One Series and S Class 2 Series.

Perfectly aligned GoSign software

Summa’s in-house GoSign software is built with the user in mind and includes various intelligent features to manage your preferred cutting workflow with ease and great flexibility. Settings and action sets can be created and tailored according to your specific cutting requirements at any given time. GoSign software is included free of charge with all Summa roll cutters.

Future-proof cutting solution at your fingertips

The products developed by Summa stand out for their reliability, longevity and versatility. Faithful to this tradition and conviction, also the new S One product line is built according to strict requirements, specific to Summa products. The combination of innovative features makes the S One roll cutter a flexible and future-proof unit, able to grow along with your business’ aspirations and goals. Now and for many years to come.

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