Summa exhibits top cutting and sustainable solutions at ISA 2023

Summa is excited to be presenting at the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas, April 12-14th, 2023. This is where our highly advanced cutting solutions are put in the spotlight and showcased to the visitors. The Summa team is eager to listen to your company’s needs and demonstrate the many possibilities in Summa’s range of cutting solutions. Find us at Summa America’s booth 2027. 

At the show, Summa will introduce visitors to the next step in workflow efficiency and automation. The F1612 flatbed cutter will be equipped with the conveyor extension and a new Board Feeder. This system is developed to automate loading sheets on the flatbed cutter and thus boost productivity.  

The Board Feeder can handle various materials but works especially well with cardboard, printed sheets and other graphic materials for your sign, graphics and packaging purposes. The system can work with a stack of materials up to 11.8 inches in height. As a result, print volumes can go up and the cost of materials will go down. More information is soon to come!

On top of that, the complete range of cutting solutions will be represented: 

  • The F1612 with conveyor extension demonstrates an efficient workflow using the new board feeder. Witness live demonstrations at the show! 
  • The F1832 is one of the larger F Series flatbed cutters. The F1832 is able to cut materials in an area of 72 inches wide by 126 inches long. Thanks to the conveyor system, even materials longer than the actual cutting area can be processed.  
  • The L1810 Gen 2 laser cutter is equipped with the optional Honeycomb planks, Vision and Edge Detect unwinder. Ready to cut textiles, fast and precise. 
  • The range of Valiani is represented by the Invicta and Integra cutting systems. The Invicta and Integra both serve the sign & graphics, the packaging and printing industry, although they each meet specific production needs. Discover more about it at Valiani's website here.

Summa S Series roll cutters: high-end and cost-effective 

Also, not to be missed are Summa's roll cutters that have become known for their legendary performance. Cutting accurate and fast is how they complete short and long production runs with ease. The S One D160 and S Class 2 TC160 models will be shown live in action at our booth!

See you in Las Vegas? 

Meet our team at Summa’s booth 2027 and witness live demonstrations on the complete range of cutting solutions from Summa and Valiani. If you would like to schedule a meeting during the show, please contact your Summa Sales Representative or contact us via our website at