Exciting opening of new Experience Centre in honour of Summa’s 50th anniversary

It is a special year for Summa in Belgium because it is 50 years since the origins of the company were founded. During that time, Summa transformed from a small business to a successful global manufacturer of a broad range of cutting solutions. It is, therefore, time to celebrate this milestone and all the successes along the way!

Summa is not a one man show. We attribute achievements to the dedicated teams in Europe, the United States and Asia, together with our large and loyal worldwide network of resellers who has proven to be valued and knowledgeable partners.

As we look back on the past 50 years, 2023 is a beautiful reflection of the journey we have been on. From the grand opening of a new Experience Centre in Belgium, to achieving further growth in our reach on social media with over 5,000 followers on LinkedIn and 500 followers on Instagram. Even those smaller steps make us happy and grateful.

Development of cutters to advanced solutions

Over the years, Summa has become particularly well known for its top-class roll fed cutting plotters of which the S Class Series, especially models with True Tangential Technology, belong to the highest segment of the market. In the range of flatbed cutters and laser cutters too, Summa remains true to its values of developing high-quality cutting solutions that are versatile and productive.

Times, however, do not stand still. Businesses are facing high customer demands and their need for more efficient and productive solutions in their production increases. In response to that, Summa is shaping their cutting solutions to bring even more efficiency and productivity to the cutting workflow.

Summa developed a new software module GoConnect to enable third-party integrations. This is the next step towards cutting workflow efficiency and highly advanced automation. Recently, at Fespa 2023 in Munich, we showed the possibilities and business opportunities of GoConnect in a fully automated process from feeding, to cutting, picking, and sorting media. We used third-party integrations such as the board feeder from Infinite Motion Control and a third-party Cobot solution. More information about integrations with Summa will follow soon!

New Experience Centre

With all these exciting product developments, the new and large Experience Centre is a great asset! It enables potential customers to discover the full range of cutting solutions from Summa to the digital flatbed cutters from Valiani.

As part of the experience, the new facility will be fully decorated with applications finished on one of Summa's cutters, ranging from window decals to creative board applications, displays, textile frames and swimwear. The Experience Centre will also serve as a space to host future events.

All these initiatives and developments contribute to Summa's commitment to helping companies finish their applications to perfection through the best possible workflow. Welcome to Summa!


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