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Summa is committed to continuously innovate and invest in knowledge and skills, so we can consistently deliver premium products, secure an unwavering, outstanding service and engage closely with all people connected with our brand.


Innovations that create value.

That’s what we are aiming for. And who knows better what creates value in print and cut workflows than the businesses in the sign and display, textile and packaging industries. Therefore, the people of Summa stay close to the market and listen to the industry needs, enabling the Research & Development teams to continuously develop innovations that meet and exceed customer needs.

Experts with a name.

Through continuous investments in competence and knowledge, Summa wants to keep its standards high throughout every department in the company. Therefore, Summa involves skilled people who understand the products and customers, with your business in mind. So, while more and more cutting solutions become available, you can rely on the knowledge of our professionals and certified partners.

Quality and durability go hand in hand.

Over the years, Summa’s cutting solutions are known for quality and durability. Each part of the company is organized to keep quality levels high, through strict quality control and ongoing product development. That is enabling you to confidently entrust your business continuity of cutting jobs to a Summa. Solutions tailored to your needs ranging from strong cutting solutions that every shop can afford and top level cutting systems worth saving for.

Service without beginning and end in mind.

Whether you need help to choose your cutter or need support to further explore your Summa, the teams in Summa are there for you. Throughout the years, Summa is also sharing more knowledge online to stay close to its users. The company strongly invests in its services and supports a large network of dedicated Summa partners worldwide.

Trust is built in-person.

Choosing Summa is the biggest acknowledgement of trust we can get. Summa believes that trust is built in-person and the company translates this into a familiar name, a welcoming voice and a friendly face. Our people are meant to connect the dots, between our users, partners and Summa, all of them led by the market. That is how our professionals are working together to provide solutions to many.