Supreme precision
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Industrial composites are intertwined in our lives to a much greater extent than we ever thought possible, going from fishing nets, automotive and aerospace applications (car seats, car interiors, seatbelts, airbags ...) to construction materials and safety clothing.

Purposes are often non-aesthetic but the more important is the finishing cut. Because you do want your seatbelt to look sleek without itchy edges, your safety jacket to fit perfectly and your fishing net to have the right measurements for holding the fish tightly. So, cutting and finishing these materials with utmost precision is of key importance to ensure their inherent function is retained a 100%.

Precision laser cutting

With the L Series, Summa enables users to cut fabrics clean and accurately. The way in which the material is fed, the scanning of the material and design, automatic correction of deviations, and also the feeding onto the conveyor belt, ensure true cutting precision. Also, laser cutting technology is known for clean cutting results with sealed edges. This is highly desirable in cutting fabrics to prevent fraying.

Laser and knife cutting technology

The L Series from Summa offers laser cutters for specific applications such as Sportswear and Soft Signage. However, in the industry, there are many different ways of processing materials to the end product. With Summa's bespoke solutions, you can find your ideal laser cutting system for unique and more technical applications. Depending on the type of jobs, also the F Series with knife technology can be used for certain industrial applications.

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