Distinguish with perfectly
finished packaging

In today’s imaging dominated world, where e-commerce is the trend to be, the role of packaging is more relevant than ever. It is, therefore, important your packaging stands out and attracts the eye of your target consumer. At the same time, it is important packaging is strong enough to withstand transportation handling.

Prototype packaging

Packaging influences the consumers’ decision and it can even be the make or break for them choosing between several brands. So, you have to make sure you’re ahead of the competition with quality, sustainable and appealing packaging at all times. With the F Series, you can create beautiful prototype packaging and help your customers to make the right decisions for the packaging that suits their brand the most.

Customized packaging

The Summa F Series are used to finish packaging that is usually made of printed cardboard. A flatbed plotter from Summa is ideal to make customized packaging. Because the multifunctional head holds up to three modules, it can perform different techniques on the material in one simple job, such as cutting and making folding lines. The F Series is also compatible with Summa's True Tangential cutting technology to ensure flawless cutting results.

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