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Sierhuis, a company in the Dutch city of Alkmaar, increases efficiency and extends its product gamut with the purchase of Summa’s F1832 flatbed finishing system.

The company Sierhuis counts 11 employees. Although it has its core business in the manufacturing and distribution of promotional gifts, Sierhuis foresees growth in signage. Therefore, in addition, Sierhuis has the in-house expertise to handle other jobs, small or big, such as signage on facades, stores, vehicles, etc.

More often customers ask for specific sorts of sign work, requiring artistic and creative mindsets, as well as high-standard finishing. To meet their customers’ needs, and because development and innovation are highly evaluated concepts to Sierhuis, the purchase of Summa’s F1832 flatbed system soon became indispensable.

Efficiency at top level

Stefan Flaton, manager at Sierhuis comments: “We were already working a while with Summa’s F1612 flatbed finishing system, which met our expectations as to quality and speed perfectly. However, as we expanded our material range with larger boards, we decided to change the F1612 for the F1832. Since the purchase of the F1832, we are able to provide a much broader gamut of promotional sign products in a much more efficient way. Thanks to the F1832 the processing of large board material has now become a child’s play.”

Not only the F1832’s capability to process large boards in a flash enhanced their decision to go ahead with the purchase. Also, its versatility and robustness were convincing factors. In fact, the F1832 has now become the company’s eyecatcher. As soon as you enter the premises, the flatbed reflects professionalism and triggers curiosity amongst visitors.

“Undoubtedly our company still has a lot of potential to grow and develop. But we want to take it one step at a time. Summa’s F1832 helps us to further develop, innovate and find finishing solutions to every customer’s needs. Gradually we get to know the machine from inside out and are able to exploit it to the best of its abilities.”

Having taken the first steps to discover the F1832 and its possibilities, working with the tools becomes more familiar. Especially the Double Edge and Kiss-Cutting Tool are being used at their full potential. The Double Edge cutting tool is the ideal solution to cut Forex materials, while the Kiss-cutting tool works perfectly to cut stickers. Also, honeycomb board materials, finished with the tool POT (Pneumatic Oscillating Tool), are commonly used at Sierhuis. The many tools Summa has to offer is only one of the many ways to expand their signage services.

Sierhuis and Vink VTS

The purchase of the F1832 happened through the company Vink VTS, Summa’s certified F Series reseller in Wormerveer, The Netherlands.

A rather adventurous preparation preceded the installation of the F1832 as a wall had to be removed to fit in the flatbed. But other than that the entire installation went spotless.

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Both the installation and cooperation with Vink VTS went smoothly. Vink VTS stood by our side during the entire process to give the necessary support. Learning to work with the machine was very easy to do because of the machine’s straightforwardness and efficiency. But even if there was a small issue, Vink VTS was only a phone call away”, comments Stefan.

 “The implementation of the Summa F1832 to our machine arsenal enabled us to facilitate our job considerably. Especially if you have lots of boards to process, the F1832 simply is the ideal equipment to use.”