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GoProduce Flatbed Edition - Your Seamless Software Solution

Every person cutting and finishing printed or non-printed media knows how vitally important software is for the usability and productivity of your hardware. The presence of an intuitive interface, easy navigation, and intelligent features help the operator handle jobs more efficiently.  

At Summa, we recognize the importance of software explicitly tailored to the hardware. To put words into action, Summa developed its own in-house software platform, GoSuite. GoProduce Flatbed Edition is our F Series software module designed to optimize the F Series users’ workflow.

Smart Functionalities At Your Service 

Our GoProduce software does not only have an intuitive interface and modern look that help you navigate the platform with ease, it also has a lot of interesting features that can help you improve your workflow! Here is just a small selection of the features we offer:

  • Action sets: There are various default action sets available, but you can easily adapt those action sets or create your own. Optimise your workflow with ease!
  • Compensation mode: If distortions occurred during the printing process, the software will either reshape or reposition the cut file.
  • Backside cutting: Cutting from the backside of your media (i.e., the non-printed side) creates a better finish and protects the printed side of the media from cutting imperfections.
  • Barcode automation (Pro Pack): The barcode automation is an action set that looks for the barcode on your media. Once it has read the barcode it automatically executes the job and automatically repeats this until it can no longer find any media.

Discover The Material Manager

The Material Manager is vital to the user-friendliness of the GoProduce software. It includes an extensive range of material types, which contain the cutting settings and tool data created by Summa. These material settings can be adapted to your specific needs at all times.

The Material Manager ensures smart collaboration between jobs, materials, and available tools. The operator can choose an existing material or create a new one. This includes predefined methods and parameters, meaning that you only need to choose the material you want to process, and the material manager will automatically load the correct settings.

Supporting Backside Cutting With Edge Detection

Backside cutting is especially useful if you don’t want to damage your print on the outside of the media, like with cardboard boxes. GoProduce includes a specific camera profile that enables you to perform backside cutting with edge detection. 

How exactly does it work? The camera reads the marks on the print first, then the edges of the sheet. After that, you flip the sheet, and the flatbed cutter rereads the edges to determine the position of the print. Lastly, it cuts your media, leaving you with a perfectly finished product.

Automated Workflow with Barcode Functionality (Pro Pack)

Flatbed cutters usually need an operator to select the right cutting file, read the printed marks to register the correct position of your design, and compensate for the selected cutting file.

With the barcode functionality, the flatbed reads the printed barcode, identifies the job and automatically opens the corresponding file in the software. Once all the material settings have been applied, it is automatically sent to the cutter, who will then execute the job.

See how it works in the video below:

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New Major Upgrade: GoProduce Flatbed Edition V3

A new version, GoProduce Flatbed Edition V3, is now available, and it has some great new features:

  • Powerful 64-bit software: Not only does the software run faster, but there is now more working memory, and it operates more efficiently.
  • Connected media handling: integrate your flatbed smoothly with peripherals to create an efficient automated workflow, using our GoConnect software integration.
  • Enhanced routing features: new advanced features are introduced, such as automated detection of drill hole placeholders and the ability to choose a cutting starting point outside the shape for high-quality cuts.

Find out more about GoProduce and its capabilities

Go ahead and make your cutting workflow (even more) efficient and straightforward with our GoProduce Flatbed Edition software. 

  • Download a 30-day trial version to explore GoProduce here
  • Watch the tutorials to optimise your GoProduce skills here
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Original date: 28/04/2020