F Series upgrade possibilities in a nutshell

Enhanced performance, quicker, more productive, more efficient, better outcome and facilitating the operator’s life, are only a few of the many benefits you can achieve with the upgrade possibilities on an F Series flatbed cutter from Summa.  

Did you know already that our F Series flatbed cutters can be enhanced with a range of upgrades and add-ons according to the pace of your company’s growth, aspirations and goals? We gladly point them out for you below.

1400W router module

The 1400W router module – which can be purchased at an entry-level price - offers an attractive performance increase with improved output quality over the standard router. The router is capable of handling the most used solid boards in the Graphic Industry. It is suitable for milling, contour cutting, polishing and engraving. - Available add-on for all F Series models

1400w router at FESPA 2021

1400w router at FESPA 2021

F-Performance mode

The F-Performance mode ensures an increase of up to 40% of the F Series’ performance. Advantages include faster up, down and turning movements of the cutting head, which will be most remarkable when using the Kiss-cut tool. Also, feeding material will happen significantly faster. The job will be finished practically twice as fast without compromising an inch on quality. - Available feature for all F Series models

Find out more about the F-Performance mode in this blog

Note: The F-Performance mode is available as free unlock on new machines via www.Summa.com/f-performance and as payable unlock on older F Series models, built before 2018.

Conveyor Extension

Thanks to the conveyor extension, the F1612 makes light work of cut designs, that are much larger than their actual cutting area. Once the first part of the job is completed, the conveyor feeds the cut material to the extended front where it can be removed easily and safely, while the machine is cutting the next part. This minimizes downtime considerably. – Available add-on for the F1612 model

Note: All existing F1612 units in the field can be upgraded with this option.


The basket is a handy accessory to reduce the media handling time, thus optimizing your workflow. The F1612 can automatically process several feet of material while the basket is capturing the cut-out vinyl and/or waste material. Rely on an efficient cutting workflow and a clean work environment. – Available add-on for the F1612 model

F1612 conveyor extension / basket

F1612 conveyor extension / basket

Extension tables

The sturdy, foldable Extension Tables can be placed in front and at the back of an F1612. They are adjustable to set the correct height. This way, board material longer than the F1612 working area can still be processed. With the extension tables, you can use the Continuous Sheet Feed feature, which enables the user to load and unload material while cutting. The feature helps to avoid idle periods during the processing of material and thus adds significant value to the overall workflow. – Available add-on for the F1612 model

Roll-up system

When kiss-cutting, the roll-up system winds the material back on a roll after it has been cut. This allows the F1612 to work unattended while keeping the work area neat and clean. When cutting through, a workflow can be set up in combination with the basket or extension table. The roll-up takes care of the waste matrix while the operator collects the cutout material. The winding roll is also easily accessible for trolleys or other tools to handle heavy rolls. – Available add-on for the F1612 model

F1612 extension tables / roll-up system

F1612 extension tables / roll-up system

Heavy-Duty Roll Support (HDRS)

The Heavy-Duty Roll Support can be used on our wide format flatbed sizes to allow a straight and effortless throughput of heavy print rolls before cutting the material. Especially for the processing of heavy banner material, non-stretchable wide textile rolls and lightly stretchable materials, the HDRS will prove its worth. It will even allow the processing of rolls up to 200 kg with ease. – Available for F1832, F3220 and F3232 models

Find out more about the HDRS in this info document

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Barcode Workflow with the GoProduce Pro Pack

The Summa barcode workflow on the F Series generates an automatic process of identifying and opening cut files to start cutting an entire roll without user intervention. This optional feature will increase your productivity and enhance flexibility substantially whilst freeing up time for the operator to attend to other assignments.

Note: the automated barcode workflow, based on the F Series’ built-in camera system, is included with the Summa GoProduce Pro Pack (one-time purchase).


upgrade to GoProduce Flatbed Edition software

Especially SummaFlex users have the possibility to upgrade to the GoProduce Flatbed Edition software. For flatbed machines shipped as of March 1, 2019, the GoProduce Flatbed Edition Software is included. But if you happen to have an older F Series unit, you may be still working with the SummaFlex software. Now, if you want to keep up with the latest features, and updates and ensure you can use the latest techniques on your F Series equipment, we do recommend upgrading your software to the GoProduce Flatbed Edition software.

You can download a free 30-day trial first to learn more about the software and its features: Software trial is available here, you can search for GoProduce