Laser Cutting Technologies

For high productivity and workflow efficiency

Workflow efficiency with Summa's Laser cutting technologies

Summa L Series can be used to process a broad gamut of applications to the highest quality expectations. Depending on the specific application and production environment, different cutting workflows/technologies can be used. Find your ideal cutting workflow based on production volume and the application that needs to be cut.

Cut-on-the-fly workflow

With this cutting technology, the Summa laser cutter keeps cutting while scanning and feeding the material simultaneously through the Vision camera system. This will facilitate extreme fast processing of jobs, increasing the production capacity considerably. Especially within high-volume production environments, this technology will be used to its full potential.

How it Works

When the material is being fed to the cutter, the design is immediately scanned by the integrated camera’s of the Vision System. Cutting starts when the first part is scanned and fed forward. At the same time, the next part is already being fed and scanned. In this efficient process, cutting happens continuously until the job is done.

So, instead of feeding, scanning and cutting each segment of the material separately, the Vision system converts the three steps almost into one single step. The amount of time saved with the Cut-on-the-Fly method is substantial.

Only possible with Vision camera and requires GoProduce Laser Edition Software.

Cut-to-frame workflow

Summa’s Cut-to-Frame workflow allows cutting banners precisely to the millimetre, so they will perfectly fit into a frame with the image aligned as desired. It prevents errors, material waste and costs. This cutting workflow is an ideal solution for cutting Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) efficiently and meticulously, so post-cutting labour is reduced to an absolute minimum.

How it Works

  1. In pre-production, a bleed and registration marks are added to the original artwork.
  2. The camera reads the registration marks in the artwork and the software quickly compares the result with the original cut file.
  3. Any shrinkage and deformations that occurred during printing and calendering are automatically detected.
  4. The positioning of the cutting data is then calculated and placed so the image will fit the exact frame size.
  5. Sewing in the silicon beading happens faster thanks to the perfectly sealed edges.

Possible with Vision or Head camera and requires GoProduce Laser Edition Software.

Trace & Cut workflow

The Trace & Cut workflow allows automatic processing of an entire roll with different jobs without pre-prepared cutting data. By means of the Vision camera system, contours of the artwork are traced without the need to retrieve cutting files. Subsequently, the artwork is scanned and cut automatically, offering maximum operator comfort.

There is also no need for printed registration marks creating space for a better nesting of the print designs, optimizing material use and costs. However, where necessary printed registration marks can be used, allowing the intelligent analysis to compensate for any deformations.

How it Works

  1. The Trace & Cut method uses the Vision camera System to trace the contours of the artwork. The camera follows a black outline, which has been added to the print design and detects the cutting area.
  2. The software receives the data and automatically creates cut files after each scan, so there is no need to search or import files first.
  3. Cutting starts when the first part of the design is scanned and the next part on the roll is scanned simultaneously. So, this work method also enjoys the benefits of the cut-on-the-fly process. Between the parts, the cutter adds a waste cut to split the waste into smaller pieces to avoid pulling on the uncut material.

Only possible with Vision camera and requires GoProduce Laser Edition Software.

Barcode workflow

Using the Barcode workflow, an entire roll with different cutting jobs can be processed with minimal operator intervention.This will lead to fewer human errors, higher productivity, impeccable cutting results and freed-up time for the operator to attend to other jobs.

How it Works

  • Along with the design, a barcode is printed on the material that refers to the corresponding cutting file. Each printed roll can contain different cutting jobs, each of the jobs with its own barcode.
  • When the material is scanned with the Vision camera System, the cut file is identified and automatically retrieved by the software. Subsequently, it starts cutting.
  • This process will repeat itself until all cutting jobs have been processed.

Possible with Vision or Head camera and requires GoProduce Pro Pack Laser Edition Software.


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