Three major benefits of Summa OPOS CAM cutters

When you are in the business of contour cutting printed graphics, signs, labels or decals for volume-driven environments, you probably know that the Summa cutters have made great history in cutting performance. Within the range, the S Class 2 OPOS CAM models are one of the most advanced Summa cutters available, thanks to their meticulous and fast cutting for short or long run jobs.  

By combining Summa’s Tangential module with an OPOS CAMera, offering state-of-the-art registration mark recognition at lightning-fast speeds, Summa OPOS CAM roll cutters are cutting-edge and unmatched in many Print&Cut workflows. Stay with us to learn more about their major user benefits. 

1. Did you know that each OPOS CAM cutter is Twin compatible?  

The Summa Twin™ Workflow is an innovative cutting solution, combining the strengths of two Summa cutters – the power of an F Series flatbed cutter and the speed of an S Class OPOS CAM cutter. This combination significantly enhances productivity and performance through a smooth integration into existing workflows. 

With the Twin™ Workflow, the processing of a job can be initiated on a Summa S Class 2 OPOS CAM roll cutter applying the kiss-cutting technique. Subsequently, the job can be finished on an F Series flatbed cutter for cutting through. This also implies that when the flatbed cutter is occupied, you can start the next job on the roll cutter and vice versa. Both machines can thus process jobs continuously, resulting in a substantial and immediate increase in yield. The new and improved functionality within the Twin Mode feature enables you to save valuable time on each processed job. Watch the video and see how it leads to significant efficiency.


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2. New possibilities with enhanced cutting software  

Along with the improved Twin Mode feature, Summa developed various other software enhancements the OPOS CAM roll cutters can take advantage of. 

  • Enjoy higher accuracy thanks to great flexibility in placing registration marks. Previously, there was one option for placing registration marks in the design, the so-called ‘bounding box’ marks. Accurate but limited. Now, you can also use ‘infield’ marks to achieve an even higher cutting accuracy. 
  • Precise cutting to size has now been made easier. Besides the existing ‘Best fit mode’, Summa makes a new ‘Fixed size mode’ available. This mode helps to attain a perfect cut to the size of designs, independently of the occurring print scaling
  • Discover greater flexibility to segment jobs, so the balance between accuracy and speed can be kept optimally. Segmentation is important to obtain maximum accuracy and to ensure the time and number of transports between reading marks and cutting is minimized. This way, the temperature remains optimal and preserves the best tracking performance.

3. High-level cutting performance 

The greatest asset of the OPOS CAM models is the camera that is mounted on the cutter instead of the usual light sensor. This camera delivers an incredible advantage in speed. Which means that the OPOS CAM system can literally register marks 10 times faster than any light sensor is able to. So, when you are processing entire rolls, your workflow is much more productive with an OPOS CAM cutter. Additionally, you are able to create a custom “camera profile” for every challenging media type such as reflective materials. This profile enables the cutter to register marks on any substrate according to your needs. 

The S Class 2 OPOS CAM cutters from Summa combine its unique True Tangential cutting technology, powerful servomotors and advanced software capabilities. This way, Summa OPOS CAM users are bound to experience unparalleled speed, accuracy and ease of use others can only dream about. Without compromise. Read further on the strengths of tangential technology in this article.


If you want to enjoy these benefits and more with Summa's OPOS CAM cutters then do not hesitate to connect with us.