TesBros creates face shields against COVID-19

TesBros – Chattanooga, Tennessee, a company that has emerged out of the enthusiasm of two brothers for Tesla electric vehicles, usually provides Tesla resources and accessories. Nowadays, with the Coronavirus disturbing everyone’s life, creating face shields for hospitals all over the US is taking up most of their time.

Ji Hoon Heo – CEO at TesBros explains: “Once COVID-19 started hitting the US hard, my wife and sister, who both work in hospitals, communicated about the acute shortages of PPE materials in hospitals all over the country. Immediately I felt I had to something, so after brainstorming with my friend, who owns a 3D printer, we soon decided to take action and help out.”

With his friend’s 3D printer and TesBros’ Summa F1612, the necessary equipment was available to print the frames and cut the shields immediately. After they validated the ability to mass-produce these face shields for local hospitals in the US, both friends partnered with material suppliers to realize the production. Meanwhile, they were able to provide hundreds of face shields to medical professionals in GA, Atlanta, NYC, California and other parts of the US.

Ji Hoon Heo continues: “Shortly after the validation for mass production, we created an open community – 3D for COVID– to encourage others to do the same. Meanwhile, over 1,400 people ended up joining the community and hubs were set up to ship the face shields all over the US.”

TesBros wants to continue to create as much face shields as possible. However, resources are limited and it has become more difficult to source the PETG materials. Through the 3D for COVID website, people can donate materials enabling to produce much more of the desperately needed face shields.

Here’s a call to all makers, volunteers and material providers in the US: Join the 3dforcovid.com community and help out wherever you can!