SpeedPro levelling up automation with the Summa F1612 flatbed cutter

SpeedPro is a growing franchise company in the U.S. providing superior display graphic products, such as murals, window graphics, event graphics and much more. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company’s experts excel in visual communication and aim to customise each business with captivating and professional signs & graphics. In doing so, they collaborate with partners to determine the right solution for the end customers.

Before adding their Summa F1612, SpeedPro Imaging Services Group in Totowa, NJ did the majority of its cutting jobs manually, whether it be the cutting of posters, acrylic, aluminium or foamboard.  Of course, this method is very time-consuming and labour intensive, so the company was looking for an easy-to-use and versatile alternative that would both level up automation and productivity. This is where Summa comes into the scene.

Optimal automation and efficiency

Through a regional meeting with other SpeedPro franchises, the company’s U.S dealer – Diversified Display Products of Hillside, NJ – brought along a Summa representative, who explained and demonstrated the extended benefits and capabilities of a Summa flatbed cutter.  The presentation displayed how a Summa flatbed would be helpful to further grow the SpeedPro business.  It became clear, that the Summa F1612 would be the ideal solution to enhance automation and efficiency for a studio that didn’t already have cutting capabilities.

Adam S. Koppelman, President and Owner of SpeedPro Imaging Services Group: “Thanks to the barcode and automated capability of the Summa F1612, we can now take on higher volume projects with confidence of meeting our customer’s expectations. In doing so, the Summa F1612 allows for additional revenue streams for jobs that we would have previously outsourced or in some cases decline. We would have never been able to be so competitive for certain projects without the F1612.”

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Open up new markets and future-proof business

With its vast array of modules and tools, the Summa F1612 can process a wide variety of soft and rigid substrates.  Adam Koppelman indicated that the Heavy-Duty Cutout knife, the Kiss-Cut knife and the Router are used most frequently at his SpeedPro location.  But, they also make use of many of the other tools, like the creasing tool, which is used on corrugated cardboard material and the V-Cut tool on foamboards.  Besides, the machine’s current versatility, enabling to retrofit add-ons and options along the way will help to ensure the machine to be future-proof to grow at the business’ pace.

Adam Koppelman adds: “Business evolved significantly over the course of the pandemic. Having the F1612 allowed us to take on a lot more jobs and enter new, different kinds of industries. We would not have been able to take on these extra jobs without the F1612 and remain profitable over the course of the pandemic without it. “

Value for money, we don’t settle for anything less

The F1612 represents the ideal footprint to fit in many production areas.  It is very fast and extremely accurate, improving turnaround times and increased quality.  Adam Koppelman noted “From a price point of view, it simply is the most interesting machine. Summa flatbed cutters can easily keep up with more expensive brands of flatbed cutters as to speed, accuracy and efficiency. To give you an idea, we were able to recuperate the entire flatbed investment in about 6-7 months, which is quite a lucrative investment indeed.”