How Deco Retail Solutions creates lasting impressions with perfect finishing

It has been about a year since the graphics and décor manufacturing company, Deco Retail Solutions, purchased a Summa flatbed finishing cutter, the F1832, via Summa America’s direct partner, Athens Paper. We thought the time to be right for a quick follow-up on just how Deco Retail Solutions' business changed beneficially since the purchasing of the flatbed.

At the time, the Cumming, Georgia-based company was looking for a versatile large format finishing machine to solve bottlenecks in the cutting process and avoid outsourcing of finishing to a maximum.

Since the very first commissioning of the Summa flatbed, the company has been using it on a daily basis. Not only did the added finishing capabilities of the flatbed increase their yield considerably, but it also optimized overall ease of use on the work floor.  Whether it be kiss-cutting, creasing, routing, oscillating, etc. the machine is used to its full potential, using each tool intensively, depending on the materials to cut. An ever so wide gamut of perfectly finished end products roll off the machine as a result; accurately cut wallpapers, window films, POS displays, PVC boards, graphic decals, banners, leather, standing signs and many more. All of these logo’s, signs and interior and exterior decorations are now used by the many customers of Deco Retail Solutions.

Greg Hasbrouck, Managing Partner at Deco Retail Solutions states: “A catchy, standout, striking logo, display or sign is crucial for any business to stand out from the crowd, promote brand awareness and get stuck in people’s head. Finishing is an important element in this process and should, therefore, not be treated as a side issue. It is, on the contrary, all the more important to be able to create a lasting impression. The performance of Summa’s F1832 flatbed cutter has been instrumental in helping us grow our wide format business, increase production and create unlimited perfectly finished products. Especially now, as we are in the process of moving into a new, larger facility the F1832 helps us to optimally accommodate our future growth plans even more.”

No matter the scale or difficulty level of the project, together with the F1832, Deco Retail Solutions is ready to handle them with the highest expertise, from design to finishing product. If you can imagine it, they can create it!

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