De kracht van een goed netwerk en hoe dit mogelijkheden creëert

When the coronavirus was spreading around the worldSumma did not feel comfortable to wait until the cows came home. On the contrary, we wanted to act and mean something to the community. That is when the team realized our Summa cutting technology could help to supplement shortages of protective materials. 

A logical step was to involve our network because together we can make a true difference. It was during these harsh times that we saw how powerful a network can be to inspire each other with initiatives to help local entities. 

Cutting projects that matter 

To shape the initiatives in the fight against COVID-19, various projects were established in-house with our F Series flatbed cutters and L Series laser cutters to produce face masks, protective shields and surgical aprons, cut by the thousands. We looked out for local initiatives to join a production chain, in which the protective materials were cut (by us), stitched and distributed.  

What we found was heart-warming solidarity and we tried to inspire both our dealer network and end-users to do the same. In this blog, you will find several cutting applications and files we shared, as well as inspiring customer stories on the blog. More about that later! 

One major project was established together with Makers against Corona, where we used our innovative cutting technology to cut over 8.500 face shields in one single week.

Another big project was realized for the City of Gistel when we produced thousands of mouth masks for the local community. 

Customers cutting to make a difference 

Involving our worldwide dealer network and its customers has been the best decision we could make. Those who could not join local production chains could rely on Summa to get advise on materials, cutting techniques and cutting files, which were shared in mailings and on the website. This way, many companies were able to produce protective clothing, masks and shields. You can read these special customer stories on our blog: 

New signage applications 

In addition to the need for protective equipmentalso other types of signage arose to communicate the established safety measuresFloor stickers, for instance, to remind people to keep their distance is a new application – typical for this peculiar situationAnd it looks like this new type of signage will remain part of the sign maker’s gamut for quite some time still 

Business, as usual, …or better 

During the past months, all of us had to communicate more online and use videos much more often. Online platforms are clearly on a rise and a new normal takes place in various ways: new modes of communication, new work patterns and new team dynamics. Summa soon saw an opportunity in these different ways of business-doing and decided to embrace more online demonstration possibilities. 

To keep supporting our dealer network, even from a distance, it was a logical step to offer online training sessions and keep on sharing product knowledge. Moreover, Summa invested in a new video system to give live online demonstrations on our entire product gamut. Especially this will be a service that is here to stay, making it easier for both resellers and customers to meet online and get an expert view on Summa’s cutting technology.   

Stand as one 

Amidst all this change, we notice a clear silver lining – the fact that even in the strangest circumstances we stand as one, our network unites to support individuals and businesses no matter what. So, let us stay optimistic, continue to support each other and share positivity. And do not forget cutting is more than just a necessity!  

Contact your local dealer if you are interested in a cutting demonstration at their facility or in a Summa online demonstration. 

Summa employees wearing mouth masks cut by a Summa laser

Summa employees wearing mouth masks cut by a Summa laser