Boost your performance up to 40 % with G-Performance

Time is money

Even though the phrase "time is money" is almost as old as time itself, it still applies to small and big companies of today. We, at Summa, value your time and will continue researching every way to improve your workflow. Summa makes your dream come true thanks to the release of the G-Performance mode.

The overall speed of the S Class 2 roll cutters is conforming to market standards and it is known for the fast reading of registration marks. With G-Performance, you can go up a level and boost the speed of digital cutting operations on the S Class 2 roll cutters by up to 40%. Its impact is especially noticeable on an even faster reading of the registration marks and when cutting wider substrates. G-Performance is ideal for users who want to step up their yield and process jobs that can handle higher than average speeds. 

Transform your S Class 2 cutter into a lean, mean, fast-cutting machine with the G-Performance, no matter whether it be a cutter with tangential or drag knife technology or our smallest or largest cutter in the product range. G-performance is specially developed for users who want to step up their yield and process jobs that can handle higher than average speeds.

The G-Performance mode is available as free unlock on new machines (2018). However, also S Class 2 cutters, built before 2018, can experience the full benefits of the G-Performance mode as well. Especially within large industrial environments, this G-performance mode will prove its worth and give your overall workflow a serious boost.

Make your dream a reality and release the G-Performance mode on your S Class 2 vinyl and contour cutter! Unlock your boost extension by submitting the Product Registration Form.

Find more information on how to unlock the G-Performance feature on this info sheet.

Not convinced? Have a look at a side by side comparison of two S Class 2 cutters, one with and one without the G-Performance mode.

For more information, contact your local dealer or fill in our contact form for a dealer nearby.

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Why stop there?

And while we're at it, Summa released even more features (for free!) to enhance the finishing experience with your Summa S Class 2 cutters. Check it out!

Short Load

This new functionality on the S Class 2 cutters ensures less material will be forwarded, so possible material obstructions are avoided. The fixed size of the autoload of the media is 80 cm.  Not only does the short load mode makes sure the material will not touch the floor or be hindered by obstructions, it also guarantees less waste of material, which contributes to the overall user-friendliness, the environment (less waste=less pollution) and your wallet!

Dog Ear Function

Thanks to the updated intelligence on the Summa S2 Series, dog ears (pleated corners) in the substrates will be avoided during loading. Before, the cutting head would immediately start on the right side of the media during loading, which could then lead to these pleated corners.  With the dog ear function, the head will first position itself on top of the media during loading and will position itself on the right side afterwards.  As a result, damaging the product will be avoided and a clean-cut can be yours to admire!


OPOS has the unique ability to register multiple marks along with a job. With the OPOS XY2 function also the additional XY line at the end of the job will be read now, which will lead to more compensation possibilities in deformation and even more contour cut accuracy than before, especially when cutting large jobs.  No restriction, only unsurpassed accuracy, and impeccable precision!

Informative screensaver

The new S Class 2 screensaver is more informative, which will enhance user-friendliness to the fullest. Moreover, instead of the Summa logo, tips will be shown to make sure ultimate efficiency will be reached during the job.

As you can see, Summa pursues to strengthen the existing product range, even with industry-leading contour cut systems as Summa’s S Class 2 Series. For development and improvement are two undeniable important terms in the company’s vision.