Shorten lead times with laser cutting technology


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Customers don’t like waiting. And the rise of e-commerce indulges consumers to a greater extent each day. Lead times are becoming shorter. People want rapid service and want a solution to their problem fast. This also applies to industrial buyers. The challenge is to connect each step in the process and maintain flexibility for urgent orders. Make sure customers get what they want at the right time. Therefore, meeting ever-shorter lead times has become an essential pursuit in today’s manufacturing processes. And laser cutting technology can contribute to fasten delivery times.

The effect of reducing lead times

For manufacturers, the consequences of extended lead times can go way beyond a mere annoyance. It can end up costing the organization money. There is a risk of losing customers. What’s more, the company’s reputation is at stake. Speed to market changed from a frequently asked question to the new standard. And if you cannot meet short(er) lead times, the competition for one will.

So, the effect of reducing lead times (or not) is major. Luckily, there are some steps in print-and-cut workflows that help to minimize waiting times. The change starts with an analysis of the production process. This will enable the company to pinpoint errors and inefficiencies fast.

How does laser cutting technology shorten lead times

With laser cutting technology, you can significantly speed up the production process. Obviously, the extent to which this technology can reduce lead times depends on where your company is at today. Chances are that your fully modernized organization already uses laser cutting technology. The analysis will tell you what your areas of improvement are.

For improving the cutting workflow, Summa highly recommends laser cutters with automated options. When cutting complete rolls of materials, they need minimal operator intervention. The operators can supervise other processes during that time. More benefits of the Summa laser cutters include:

  • Summa laser cutters hold a state-of-the-art camera system, it scans the material quickly and recognizes any deformations on the spot to compensate them automatically in the cutting vector. This saves time and protects accuracy.
  • The included motorized de-reeler has an option for edge-detection and avoids any fabric distortion during cutting. It relaxes the material and ensures a constant and straight feed. Whilst doing so, it maintains accuracy, even at very high speeds.
  • The large-format laser cutter L3214 is fast for a reason. It is equipped with unique laser cutting technology, called the on-the-fly concept. Scanning the design, automatically creating the cut design, and cutting when the next part is being scanned in. That is how the L3214 multiplies the productivity of any other cutting solution in the market.
  • High laser acceleration is possible thanks to the lightweight head in which the laser beam is placed.

Constant innovation and development

Summa's laser cutters are non-conventional and developed to deliver productivity, accuracy and efficiency with an easy to use and safe cutting system. That is how laser cutting greatly supports a company's aim to shorten lead times.

The search for solutions to bring products faster to the customers is infinite. Although there are various possibilities available to speed up manufacturing in the area of cutting. Technological developments do not stop. That is why Summa continues to innovate. So is our Research and Development developing new functionalities, options and features to stay on top of the game with the manufacturing of high-class cutting equipment.

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