Summa Releases New Software: GoProduce Flatbed Edition 3.0

Summa Press Release
For immediate release 12/04/2024

Summa nv, a leading company of high-end cutting plotters and finishing systems, has released a new version of their GoProduce software, GoProduce Flatbed Edition 3.0. This software is explicitly tailored to Summa’s flatbed cutter range, the F Series. As a result, the in-house developed software ensures optimal utilisation of the flatbed cutters and efficiency in customers' production processes.

GoProduce Flatbed Edition

GoProduce was originally released in 2019, as the first software module within Summa’s GoSuite platform. This was followed by a major upgrade to version 2.0 in 2020. Summa always strives to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions, so the major upgrade was done to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Out of the same aspiration, GoProduce Flatbed Edition 3.0 is born. The specification ‘Flatbed Edition’ has now been added to the software name to make a clear distinction in the software available, as Summa also has production software for their L Series laser cutters called GoProduce Laser Edition.

The software comes with every new F Series and is easy to install. With its intuitive interface and easy navigation, the software is user-friendly and users quickly find their way around. For users who want to get the most out of their cutter and workflow, a Pro Pack is available that unlocks additional features such as Barcode functionality, Hot folder support and Twin X workflow.

General great things about GoProduce:

  • Material manager: Library of materials and their optimised settings. There is already a whole lot of them included but you can also add new ones manually.
  • Action sets: there are standard action sets or you can custom make them, perfect to optimise the workflow for your way of working.
  • Backside cutting: it’s possible to cut the unprinted backside of the material, perfect for cutting packages, as that way the tool does not damage the design.
  • Sorting: Optimises the cutting path, making the machine more efficient and makes your output faster.
  • Barcode functionality Pro Pack: The barcode functionality reads the printed barcode and automatically identifies the job to obtain the necessary cutting data from the computer.

More Powerful, More Connected, More Enhanced

The new GoProduce Flatbed Edition 3.0 is now available, and it has some great new features:

  • Powerful 64-bit software: Not only does the software run faster, but there is now more working memory, making it operate more efficiently.
  • Connected media handling: It integrates the flatbed cutter smoothly with peripherals to create an efficient automated workflow, using our GoConnect software integration.
  • New predefined action sets for automatic feeder support.
  • New logging features for better support.

The V3 software is optimised for routing jobs. It comes with new routing capabilities that are perfect for cutting out shapes more precisely. They maximise productivity when processing wood, acrylics, and plastics. The features supporting this are:

  • Automatic detection of drill hole placeholders.
  • Lead-in or lead-out for the milling path: It can now automatically start and end outside of the shape. There are two possibilities to do this using either a perpendicular lead-in or corner lead-in.

Empower Your Machine Precision

Randi Kerkaert, Product Manager at Summa, reflects on the importance of the upgrade for our customers: “I'm excited to see how this major software release will take our customers' production processes to the next level. We’re not just updating features; each major upgrade enhances the way our users interact with their F Series flatbed cutters and helps to maximise the productivity of their equipment. With GoProduce Flatbed Edition 3.0, we're once again raising the bar for what users can achieve with our software."

The GoProduce Flatbed Edition 3.0 software is available with every new F Series and as a paid upgrade for existing users. A 30-day trial allows existing F Series users to discover the new features in the software:

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