Higher productivity with Summa's advanced laser cutter at ITMA 2019

Summa Press Release / For immediate release 05/06/2019

Summa nv, a leading supplier of high-end cutting, finishing and laser cutting solutions, is getting ready to showcase the high productivity the L1810 laser cutter can provide for a wide range of applications during ITMA 2019, at booth D154 in hall 3. The show takes place from the 20th until the 26th of June in Barcelona, Spain. 

The world of textiles is growing at full speed and is ready to embrace innovative solutions for efficient processing to meet today’s challenges within these industries. ITMA is positioned as one of the most trendsetting textile and garment technology platforms where the industry converges to explore effective solutions and collaborative partnerships for business growth.

With Summa’s 1.8 m wide laser cutter, customers will be able to stay ahead of the game due to exceptional high productivity, while experiencing the benefits of camera recognition with autocorrect, contactless cutting, perfectly sealed edges and protective measures for environment and safety. Summa is ready to showcase the many advantages laser cutting can provide with a focus on the sportswear market.

Increase productivity with unique camera recognition technology 

Summa’s advanced camera recognition technology, called Vision, will ensure a considerable increase in the level of productivity and support high production runs. Therefore, the L1810 Vision is perfectly suitable to be used in high-production environments where fast processing of printed textiles is essential. The Vision system works by instantly scanning the material without operator intervention, and automatically creates a cut vector without the need for cut files. Then, the L1810 will proceed with its unique on-the-fly-cutting method. This means the laser will continue to cut, even when the conveyor is moving and feeding the material. Idle periods will thus be reduced to a minimum.

Unsurpassed quality when processing textiles 

Summa’s laser systems flawlessly meet the requirements of processing highly sensitive and easily distorted textiles, which is specific to sportswear, with optimum accuracy. Delivering a precise cut for athletic, technical or fashion textiles in a high production environment is made possible by, among other things, the non-contact method and the motorized de-reeler. The motorized de-reeler makes sure there is no fabric distortion while cutting by creating a loop in the material. This relaxes the material, reduces distortion and secures an accurate cut.

These features are brought to the L1810, thanks to the development by Summa’s laser division CadCam Technology, where years of experience and proven technology meet innovation. All of these advantages contribute to the high-quality standards which make the L1810 a best-of-breed laser cutting solution.

Besides processing of textiles, the L1810 laser system is also perfectly suited to process all sorts of raw materials, used in the composite industry, such as carbon fibres, composites, thermoset and thermoplastics.

Visit Summa’s booth D154 in hall 3 during ITMA 2019 and join in for one of the demonstrations of the laser cutter, a highly productive, accurate cutter for textiles.

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