Striking soft signage graphics help to stand out at trade shows


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Look around at a random trade show and you will see soft signage everywhere. Without a doubt, soft signage is one of the most versatile types of signage due to its various options in use. And this use is evolving to encompass an ever-widening range of applications, including trade show graphics, backlit displays, retail store décor elements, as well as flags and banners. If you have the right equipment to cut soft signage, your possibilities are limitless.

Striking graphics aligned with customers’ brand identity

When focusing on trade show graphics we notice the strong effects of large format and colourful printed soft signage. Not one visitor will pass the exhibitor’s booth without viewing their brand presentation and if done well, visitors will stop by. Product and company branding enable exhibitors to reinforce their brand identity on the trade show and reach as much (potential) customers as possible. It is the full concept that matters to convincing visitors of the brand, the actual image, the text, the way it is printed and even how the soft signage fits in the frame. That’s where the importance of cutting comes in.

View how you can cut soft signage to a fixed size with Summa’s L3214 laser cutter

Choosing soft signage or PVC signage

Quite evidently,  soft signage is light-weight and easy to transport as opposed to the rigid, hard-to-handle PVC boards. Thanks to the flexibility of the material, graphics have even less risk of getting damaged. Moreover, printers can achieve more vibrant colours and many people consider these textiles to be more environmentally friendly as opposed to PVC boards and vinyl lettering.  In the end, your customer decides what it wants to achieve. With a versatile cutter from Summa, whether it be laser or knife technology, you can exceed their expectations.

Discover Summa solutions for cutting soft signage applications

Soft signage is trending in wide-format

As the demand for printed textiles in various trade-show applications continues to grow, also the sizes of the graphics grow. Large-format is striking and therefore popular. What makes that digital textile printers and cutters need to be capable of handling substrates beyond 3 meters now, and so they do. Many of these large-format printers and cutters easily produce flags, banners, full-blown backdrops and even façade signage.


How Summa’s cutting equipment helps you to create astonishing soft signage

Discover Summa’s 3.2 m wide Laser cutter

With Summa’s laser cutting technology on the 3.2 m wide L3214 laser cutter, the processing of large-format textiles for soft signage applications is fast and accurate.

  • Summa laser cutters hold a state-of-the-art camera system, that quickly scans the material and recognizes any deformations on the spot to compensate them automatically in the cutting vector. This saves time and protects accuracy.
  • The large-format laser cutter L3214 is fast for a reason. Its unique technology not only enables to quickly scan the design, but it can cut the design while it is scanning the next part at the same time. That is what we call the on-the-fly concept. That is how the L3214 multiplies the productivity of any other cutting solution in the market. 
  • The included motorized de-reeler has an option for edge detection and avoids any fabric distortion during cutting. It relaxes the material and ensures a constant and straight feed.          Whilst doing so, it maintains accuracy, even at very high speeds. 
  • High laser acceleration is possible thanks to the lightweight head, integrated into the laser

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Summa 3.2 m solutions with Blade technology

Also in Summa’s range of flatbed cutters with blade technology, 3.2 m wide models are available: the F3220 and F3232 blade cutters. Depending on the variety of the jobs you have, these flatbed cutters are versatile, easy to operate and accurate.

  • Cutting soft signage is done easily with the powerful High Torque Rotary Module (HT RM), that fits on both the F3220 and F3232. These sizes are ideal to process all sorts of mesh fabrics, flags and banners, ready to use at trade shows.
  • Both flatbed sizes can also process popular board sizes of 3 m x 2 m. So, if you want to deliver both soft signage and board applications, you can do both on the same versatile machine.
  • Additionally, if you do want to deliver board materials, the F3232 with its working area of 3.2 m x 3.2 m has the inclusive feature Tandem Mode. This feature increases the productivity of the workflow by using front and rear zones alternately. The Tandem Mode is most beneficial when processing board sizes of 1.5m x 3 m.

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