GoSign Software

Achieve highest flexibility with your Summa roll cutters


Intuitive software to perfectly streamline your workflow

GoSign is your first choice cutting software designed for the Summa Roll Cutters. It allows you to manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility. 


Highly flexible, reliable 
And customized to your needs

Make the most of your cutting workflow

Material Manager

GoSign contains a material database, where you can store your most commonly used materials, configure them once and use them over and over again. Whenever you see fit, you can add as much material types as you wish to your convenience. 

Workflow automation

Drop your cutting files in the hot folder of GoSign and it will send the files automatically to your cutter. Cut file after file without operator intervention and free your schedule to do other things. Discover more automation options by using the action sets.

Increased flexibility

Manage your workflow with great flexibility by creating and tailoring settings and actions sets as you go. Increase flexibility, even more, thanks to the plugins for Illustrator and CorelDRAW, allowing you to cut directly from the design program of your choice.

Enhanced file compatibility

GoSign is compatible with DXF and PLT files, as well as files from free open source programs. Increase job possibilities by choosing your preferred import method and experience a perfect synergy between your roll cutter and its operating system. 

Job log functionality

Get more data insights thanks to the job log functionality in GoSign. It provides an overview of all jobs that have been processed and better aligns with Industry 4.0. Keep up the good job with your Summa Roll Cutters!

User-friendly and intuitive interface

Enjoy the perks of a well-structured overview of all available functionalities, which you can adjust to your preferences in one single push of the button. Easily accessible, reliable and straightforward. Your ideal cutting software.




Get the most out of your Roll cutter

An advanced roll cutter is not complete without suitable software. GoSign is developed with the user in mind. That is why you can organize the software interface to your preferences.

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Discover flexibility in cutting software

  • Material database to manage your most commonly used materials.
  • Automate your workflow and minimize operator intervention.
  • Set-up your preferred workflow and tailor action sets to your needs.
  • Extensive file compatibility provides more flexibility in file preparation.
  • Job log functionality for better data insights.
  • User-friendly interface that is easily adapted to your preferences.


Grow your business with the right plan.

The software GoSign that comes with the machines includes plentiful features to get you going and will expand further in the future. For a small additional charge, a Pro pack can be purchased, making even more functionality available to accommodate to your growing business even more.


The GoSign software is standard available with every Summa roll cutter. Download the software from our website in the Support section. Tip: You can find the download of GoSign quickly by filtering on Vinyl Cutters.