How to use old versions of Adobe Illustrator (CS4-5-6 and CC) on Mac OS Catalina

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The old Summa plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator (CS4-5-6-CC) are not signed for Mac OS Catalina.


However, there is a quick and easy way to work around this:


  1. Close Adobe Illustrator
  2. Download the plugin from our website: 
  3. Double click or extract the downloaded file
  4. Copy the file in the Adobe Illustrator Plugins folder
  5. Push the CMD-key (COMMAND key) while you click on the Summa plug-in
  6. Then select Open and select Other
  7. Enable 'All Applications'


  8. Select Adobe Illustrator and Open 
  9. A warning will appear on the screen, now select Open

  10. Now Illustrator will open and another window will appear, now select Cancel
  11. When you now make a design the plugin to place the Summa markers should be available: