Summa’s Legendary Tracking Performance: The What, How, and Why

Material transport on a roll cutting machine is undeniably one of the most complex facets of cutting materials, where even the slightest error can result in material waste, time loss, and operator frustration. Summa has been making transport as flawless and efficient as possible with its legendary tracking system since 1996!

Let's delve into the specifics of what this system encompasses and explore why it has earned its legendary status.

What Is Summa’s Roll Cutter Tracking System?

In a cutting plotter, the material transport system is responsible for accurately feeding the material that is being cut through the machine. Part of that process is our tracking system, which ensures that your design is precisely and accurately transferred onto the material.

Thanks to the ingenious design of our tracking system, there will rarely, if ever, be any deviations or shifts in the material. This is crucial, especially when dealing with intricate designs or patterns where precision is essential to achieve the desired outcome.

Summa’s patented tracking system is exceptionally great at tracking different materials on its roll cutters.

How Does It Work?

Two crucial components on the roll cutters play a pivotal role in the functioning of the tracking system: the pinch rollers and the patented Micro Sprocket drive drum.

Drive drum and pinch rollers indicated on a roll cutter

The material is inserted between the pinch roller and the drum. The pinch rollers ensure the material remains as flat as possible, while also applying pressure against the drive drum. This creates a delicate line of micro-perforations on the underside of the material.

This pressure extends along the length of the material, establishing a patented track pattern that perfectly aligns, enabling precise tracking. By checking the pattern, you can verify if any mistakes were made during the job. This makes the system not only incredibly accurate but also user-friendly.

The tracking system undergoes rigorous testing throughout the production process. As a result, we confidently guarantee the flawless tracking of jobs on an S One cutter for up to 8m and on the S Class 3 cutter for up to 12m for narrow materials. For wider materials, both cutter series ensure perfect tracking over 4m.

However, based on our experience, if tracking up to 4m poses no issues, the system is more than capable of flawlessly handling longer jobs. While not formally tested during production due to space constraints, our extensive experience reinforces the system's reliability for extended tracking beyond the specified lengths.

Tip: On jobs outside the specifications, we recommend using the smart panelling function. It processes the job efficiently from front to back and avoids unnecessary feeding.

Why Is It Legendary?

Summa stands out as the sole roll cutter manufacturer employing this particular tracking system, ensuring a unique level of precision. The distinctive tracking pattern provides absolute certainty regarding the accuracy of the tracking process.

  • The machinery used for the tracking system is incredibly durable. The tracking pattern is directly applied to the drive drum during production, minimizing wear and ensuring an extended lifespan.
  • Summa’s tracking system is trustworthy. It goes beyond mere tracking length tests. We evaluate its performance under real production conditions, operating at full speed.
  • Our commitment to quality is unwavering and is upheld by high-quality components, a durable design, and thorough testing. From the initial use to its final day, the tracking system maintains consistent quality, offering reliability and precision throughout its lifecycle.

Tip: Want to ensure high-quality tracking is as high as possible? Keep your pinch rollers and drive drum well-maintained.

Want to know more?

The tracking system on the roll cutters is a very decisive factor in the final cutting quality. Would you like to see the results of Summa's Legendary Tracking Performance with your own eyes and discover the benefits for your business? Visit us at one of our events or contact us for a live demonstration.