5 Applications The S Class 3 Cutting Plotter Excels At

When it comes to professional sign-making, having a cutting plotter that is fast, efficient, and versatile is an absolute necessity. Enter the Summa S Class 3 – the epitome of precision and flexibility. With a wide array of applications that set your business apart, this cutting-edge machine is a game-changer. The application possibilities are endless, but we summed up the categories where the S Class 3 truly excels!

1. Large Signs Make a BOLD Impression

The Summa S Class 3 is your ticket to making a BIG impact with signage. From crafting captivating floor graphics and stunning wall designs to producing eye-catching window stickers and precise lettering, this machine handles it all with finesse.

Need your message to hit the road? Our roll cutter ensures your graphic vehicle designs are nothing short of head-turning. Seeking privacy? The S Class 3 effortlessly transforms your windows into advertising masterpieces while safeguarding privacy from within. And when it’s about grabbing attention indoors, totems and other interior advertising are a breeze for the S Class 3.

2. Small Text and Intricate Designs: Precision at Its Best

The S Class 3 is your ultimate solution for handling small letters and intricate designs with unparalleled precision. What sets it apart? Summa’s Tangential cutting technology! Unlike traditional drag knives, this innovative tech lifts and reorients the knife in corners, resulting in even sharper and more precise cuts.

But that's not all – the Summa S Class 3 boasts Smart Object Sorting, selecting the most optimal starting point for cutting, and Smart Panelling, ensuring efficient cutting of all objects within a set range.

From promotional items like flawlessly cut keychains and magnets to small signage such as nameplates, directional signs, and room numbers, this machine does it all. Labels and tags, both for products and organisational needs, find their perfection here. And, of course, custom apparel enthusiasts will love the S Class 3 for creating personalised T-shirts, hats, socks, and more. Read more

3. Every Type of Sticker Imaginable: How a-peel-ing!

Take your sticker game to the next level with the S Class 3! This machine optimises your print and cut workflows like never before, thanks to FlexCut.

How does Flexcut work? One length is cut completely through the material, while the other is cut halfway through, creating a perfect tear-off line. This ensures your material stays rigid during transport through the Summa cutter yet remains easy to remove from your design afterwards.

The possibilities are boundless! Whether it's standard vinyl stickers, kiss-cut stickers, die-cut stickers, clear stickers, bumper stickers, holographic stickers, transfer stickers, or window clings and wall/floor stickers, the S Class 3 handles them all with precision and ease. Read more

4. Thick, Thin, and Tough Material

Standard laminated vinyl is not the only material that can be cut with the S Class 3. Thanks to the tangential cutting head, all types of materials of non-standard thickness can be cut. This opens up a whole new array of cutting possibilities!

When we talk about thin materials, we are referring to substances thinner than standard sticker vinyl, like car wraps. In contrast, thick and tough materials (which tend to be the same materials) are materials that can be up to 1.2mm thick, such as laminated vinyl and folding carton.

5. Creasing: When folding under pressure is a good thing

Only available on Summa cutting plotters is the possibility to not only cut but also crease. In fact, the new Performance Head can cut and crease during the same job, i.e. without having to change tools or having to stop the machine.

The creasing function is perfect for short-run applications. For example, to make exclusive gadgets for events or companies in folding carton.

Folding carton is incredibly versatile in its applications. Combining it with the S Class 3 can lead to some great results. For example, you can make some high-quality restaurant menus as well as personalized greeting cards for special occasions. Short-run leaflets, as well as folders, can be made with an S Class 3. Creating customized little boxes is an option, too and can be used to hold small presents or business cards. Read more

Interested in more?

Discover the endless possibilities of the new Summa S Class 3 cutting plotter and take your creative endeavours to new heights!

For more in-depth information, explore our website, download our brochure, or visit one of our local dealers. If you'd like to witness the capabilities of our cutting machines in action, don't hesitate to schedule a demo!