MP. Montajes de Publicidad enhances workflow efficiency with Summa F1612

Montajes de Publicidad is a company located in the digital printing sector with over 30 years of experience in activities such as vinyl, indoor and outdoor signage, banners, tarpaulins, billboards and decoration. Since June 2020, the Summa F1612 has been helping the company to process all types of materials to the highest standards and this was also reflected in one of their most important assignments for the company Telefónica Spain.

Meeting challenging production requirements
Recently, the company has been in charge of the rebranding of the biggest telecommunications company in Spain, Telefónica Spain, with subsidiaries all over the world. The Summa F1612 has helped them to meet these challenging production requirements with great success.

Miguel Abuin, general manager of MP explains: “Since the arrival of the F1612 flatbed cutter, we were able to facilitate our cutting workflow substantially. The flatbed’s multifunctional head allows to perform different techniques, thus minimizing the time required to produce large-volume jobs. The Summa F1612 has been a true game-changer in our company, able to bring even the most challenging assignments to fruition. Day in, day out”.

Minimizing lead times and optimizing productivity
To increase automation in the workflow, MP. Montajes de Publicidad uses the Summa OPOS barcode system. The OPOS barcode allows generating an automated process of identifying and opening cut files to start the cutting job without user intervention. The only thing the designer needs to do is print a barcode on the roll and/or sheet material. Subsequently, the F Series’ built-in camera system will read the barcode and generate the automated process.

Miguel Abuin continues: “The barcode workflow - which is included in the GoProduce Pro Pack software- not only allows us to optimally automate our cutting process. It also allows us to cope with strict delivery deadlines by minimizing lead times substantially”.

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Growth opportunities
The F1612’s versatility and possibility to retrofit tools and add-ons at any point enables the machine to grow alongside the company’s goals and aspirations. Also, this aspect has been a deciding factor of MP. Montajes de Publicidad to purchase the Summa F1612.

“Its small footprint and infinite application possibilities combined with top-notch cutting quality, sturdiness, precision and speed make the F1612 indispensable in our production area. What’s more, all the above will help us to fulfil our aspirations and ambitions, such as entering the packaging industries”, concludes Miguel Abuin.