TrafficSupply grows business with the Summa F1612 flatbed cutter

TrafficSupply is a company with branches in The Netherlands and Belgium. It is the largest online provider of traffic and safety signs and offers more than ten thousand traffic-related products.

The company is highly focused on customer satisfaction and innovation by delivering high-quality traffic signs via user-friendly webshops. This way, within the company’s wide product range, customers can find what they need easily and straightforwardly.

Higher productivity in an efficient workflow

Due to the considerable growth of the company and its products offerings, TrafficSupply purchased a Summa F1612 flatbed cutter in 2018 to keep up with demand. Since then the Summa cutter ensures the company to maintain the quality standards high and, at the same time, deliver within very fast turnaround times.

The vast number of traffic signs are made from aluminium with a turned edge consisting of reflective foil. A typical F1612 workflow starts with a simultaneous setup of the print and cut file. As soon as the printing and lamination part is finished, the roll with reflective foil is placed onto the roll-up system. Then advanced by the conveyor onto the F1612 flatbed cutter surface. Subsequently, the cutter reads the barcode printed on the design and starts processing the correct file. By scanning the registration marks the cutter knows exactly how the roll is positioned onto the table – compensates if necessary – and starts to cut. Fast and efficiently.

Guaranteed quality and shorter delivery times

Gerrit Kingma, Senior Desktop Publisher at TrafficSupply, says: “The Summa F1612 flatbed cutter saves us a considerable amount of time in cutting the sign faces. If we hadn’t decided to purchase the F1612, we would’ve surely needed to employ more staff to get the job done. Besides, the Summa cutter delivers continued and guaranteed quality. Cutting round shapes manually is a very precise and cumbersome job. Not to mention the heavy rolls that need to be handled. With the F1612 flatbed cutter, the job is done in an instant. Precisely, rapidly and straightforwardly.”

Gerrit adds: “We process each order with pleasure thanks to the flexibility and reliability of the F1612. Especially when cutting lots of small-format prints, the Summa cutter is a true game-changer. Briefly, we simply could not miss the F1612 flatbed cutter anymore. Not even for a day”.


These Summa products were delivered and serviced by Vink VTS.

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