Retrospective on the Fespa 2021 show in Amsterdam

Finally, the sign industry was able to come together again during the Fespa exhibition that took place in Amsterdam last month. For Summa, this was the perfect moment to meet up with peers in the industry and introduce its newest products to the public at their booth. The enthusiastic team received many visitors, with a particular interest in the newest L1810 2nd generation laser cutter. It was previewed at the exhibition and will be officially launched early next year. 

During the 2021 Fespa edition, Summa put the focus on: 

  • The second-generation L1810 laser cutter: now even better and even more performant! 
  • The Microfactory in cooperation with Klieverik, Greentex, Neenah Coldenhove, Mimaki and Carolina Guzman. 

Summa L1810 2nd generation laser cutter 
Summa's laser cutter series, the L Series, was represented at this year's Fespa show by the L1810 Vision model. The L1810 laser cutter is particularly suitable for laser cutting textiles, such as sportswear, dye sublimation clothing, as well as all kinds of raw materials used in the composites industry. 

The main features of the L1810 laser cutter are: 

  • Perfectly finished edges of the cut textile, without fraying. 
  • Non-contact cutting avoids any deformation in the material and ensures an extremely precise cut end product. 
  • Vision technology uses advanced camera recognition technology to increase productivity. This Vision technology scans the material and creates cutting vectors without operator intervention or the need for cutting files. 

GoProduce Laser Edition Software BETA
This new software module was demonstrated in beta during the exhibition. Summa will soon launch this proprietary software tailored to its laser cutting machines. One of the main assets of the GoProduce Laser Edition software is that it can also read barcodes, which will be very useful for the automatic processing of multiple jobs. 

Microfactory: follow the production process from A to Z  
In cooperation with Klieverik, a Microfactory was set up that showed the process of printing by Mimaki, then transferring the print to the textile with the Klieverik Vertex hybrid transfer print calender and cutting on the Summa L1810 laser cutter. The Microfactory is an initiative of Klieverik, that wanted to emphasize the need for sustainable business practices. This was reflected in the use of sustainable materials (provided by Greentex), the process without water wastage and cutting methods that optimally cut/process materials.