Summa keeps investing in wide format equipment

Summa Press Release
For immediate release 15/02/2016

Summa has announced further investment with several significant new wide-format cutter developments and upgrades, all of which will help improve production output and workflow throughout the company’s extensive distributor’s network. Meanwhile, both Summa F Series products, the F1612 and the F2630, have proven their worth considerably. Existing users speak highly of the flatbed cutting machines and explain the cutters have been an added value to their overall workflow since the day of their installation. You could expect that, with such outstanding products, it would be easy to sit back on your laurels and rest. However, this is not Summa’s style. Innovation has always been a key factor to Summa and so, through research, it continues to evolve and optimize its entire gamut of products in order to remain relevant to the ever-changing needs of the Signmaking market of finishing products. It is thus with great pleasure Summa introduces the following new products for the F Series flatbed cutting machines:

New: Rotary module

The brand new tool on the F Series flatbed machines, the Rotary Module, has a decagonal tangentially controlled knife, which is driven by an electronic motor. Depending on the used speed and knife diameter, all kinds of materials up to 5mm thickness can be cut with the rotary knife. However, the main focus is on single-layered textiles because certain types of fibre are hard to cut with other knife types. Ideal materials to cut with the rotary knife are: flag & banner material, felt, technical textiles, fabric, foams, etc. The module is compatible with all (existing) installations of the F1612 and the F2630. Initial installations don’t require assembling or wiring. However, firmware and/or software updates may be required. Summa’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, Geert Pierloot, says:”The close relationships we have established with our customers throughout many years are of untold value to us. With the availability of yet another tool for the F1612 and F2630 grand format flatbed series, Summa is confident to meet many customer demands and provide finishing solutions to an even wider area of the sign-making market and other industries”. After the launch of the routing module - which focuses primarily on hard and solid board material – and the Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT) - which processes lighter board material – also a new market, the textile market, will now gain from the endless possibilities of Summa products thanks to the rotary module.

New: Vacuum Cleaner for the routing module

In order to facilitate the operation on and installation of the F2630 flatbed cutter, even more, Summa now provides a more powerful vacuum cleaner for the routing module. The optional 3000W vacuum cleaner is designed for a longer and easier operation on the unit. The vacuum cleaner is powered by 3 individual motors, which are intermittently cleaned during operation, thus providing a continuous workflow. For the configuration of the F2630 with router system Summa highly recommends to order this unit instead of the 1400W Metabo ASR 2050 vacuum cleaner.

New: Vacuum pump extension kit

In order to limit noise nuisance during the operation on the F2630 flatbed cutter, Summa now provides two vacuum pump extension kits: one with a 10m length and one with a 25m length. These extension kits enable the installation of the pumps in different rooms/spaces, which will facilitate the entire working process. The extension kits allow pump delivery on a 10m and on a 25m distance. This means that, for instance, a 10m length extension kit will occupy 2m to connect the pump with the flatbed cutter; which leaves you another 8m margin to install the pump.

Visit Summa at FESPA Amsterdam!

The Fespa 2016 exhibition in Amsterdam is steadily but surely approaching and so Summa cordially invites you to visit their stand J135 in Hall 1 from the 8th of March until the 11th of March 2016. During this indispensable event, you will have the opportunity to enjoy performances of their renowned range of products: the thermal transfer printer/cutter: DC5sx, the grand format flatbed series F1612&F2630 and Summa’s range of vinyl and contour cutters.


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With more than 30 years of experience building cutting plotters, Summa delivers highly reliable and accurate products for the sign making, labelling, vehicle wrap, aerospace and outdoor advertising industries. One of the key features of all Summa products is their unmatched durability. Summa's product range includes the remarkably productive S Class 2 and SummaCut cutting plotters, the DC5 thermal transfer printer/cutter and the new Summa F Series cutting tables, the F1612 and the F2630. All Summa cutters come bundled with a wide range of accessories, consumables and software options for both Mac and PC systems. Summa's European headquarter in Gistel, Belgium, can be reached by calling +32 59 270011 or via the Web at