Laser cutting for customized jobs in high-volume

Laser cutting applications find common ground with markets, such as the soft signage, garment, technical textiles or even engraving market. Companies working with laser cutters are often focused on one or just a few applications and materials. It is all about speed, efficiency and accuracy. Other companies have chosen laser cutting because of the limitations of knife cutting. Let’s elaborate on this topic together with Kris Berghs, Product and Development Manager at Summa.

What are the trends?

Today, the digital market is taking off quickly, so is mass customization. Mass customization is a way of manufacturing customized goods in high volumes at a relatively low price. The demand for customized items, such as T-shirts, sports gear, trade show graphics, backlit displays and so on, is increasing by the day.

How does this trend affect laser cutting?

Emerging digitization and customization result in the fact that every piece ordered can be different. So, you also have to cut them piece by piece. Meaning that multiply cutting is not possible anymore. This requires a big adjustment in the production workflow. Piece-by-piece cutting requires more time, which is why the need for fast and robust cutting machines is high.

That’s where laser cutting can provide the answer. Laser technology is, in this case, much faster and more efficient than analogue knife cutting technology. The cutting capacity is enormous and the cutting performance is of a high standard.

How can Summa laser technology solve cutting bottlenecks?

Typical bottlenecks when using knife cutters are speed limitations, material distortion and frayed edges. These flaws will especially be noticeable when cutting textiles and fabrics by knife. Laser cutting, however, is a different technology, laser is fast, it is contactless and seals the edges for a smooth finish.

The L Series laser cutters from Summa are highly advanced and ready for mass customization processes. Summa laser cutters are built on a solid foundation of experience and top-notch engineering. They feature the best quality laser tubes and are highly productive thanks to the ability to cut on the fly. More about the laser technologies.

Why is Summa a leading pioneer in laser technology?

Summa is one of the few companies whose laser cutting machines meet rigid safety requirements (Class 1). This is thanks to a certified closed system and proper extraction of the fumes. As a result, Summa laser cutters are recognized and recommended worldwide.

In addition, the cutters are equipped with high-quality metal laser tubes and a very good mechanical bed. This is extremely important to prevent scorching of the edges. Metal laser tubes represent a perfectly round-shaped laser beam, enabling it to deliver constant energy and achieve the best cutting results with perfectly sealed edges at all times.

What are the advantages of laser cutting versus knife cutting?

  • Very small focal spot size, cutting designs with great precision.
  • Contactless, material is less likely to warp and no wear on knives.
  • Increased production capacity through automation and high laser acceleration.
  • Laser leaves the edges soft without fraying, no outsourcing necessary.

Summa offers advanced laser cutting solutions to grow along with the customers’ cutting requirements. Contact us here for more information.