Forgotten Features you don't want to forget again!

Useful Summa features brought back to life!


The art of pouncing might be a rather 'oldskool' way of sign making. To date, it is still a beloved technique among many sign makers and artists. 

With the pouncing technique, an image is transferred from one surface to another. The pouncing tool, which is available on all SummaCut and S Class 2 roll cutters, is used to create perforated templates in paper.

If you then put the perforated templates to a working surface (canvas, vehicle, etc), apply paint, pastel or graffiti to it and take away the paper, you will obtain a perfectly outlined design. Thereafter, you can colourize the outlines to your satisfaction.

Be it your wildest draft ideas or the sleekest design, you can transfer anything, using the Summa pouncing technique. For it will always remain a fine technique to celebrate your creativity and/or generate an extended series of sign making designs.


The significance is contained in the word itself: OptiCut, or how to CUT your design in the most OPTImal way possible.

This OptiCut function, available on SummaCut and S Class 2 roll cutters, is specially developed to optimize the drag movement of blunt drag knives. Blunt knives rotate more difficult as the knife tip is no longer defined accurately. Consequently, the direction, in which the knife moves before it cuts the curve, might deviate.

So, in order to avoid this deviation and to extend your drag knife's lifetime, you can use the OptiCut function, ensuring the knife is orientated correctly, even if it is a bit blunt and worn out.

The OptiCut function is disabled by default and should only be used with blunt drag knives, then it will slightly decrease the cut quality when used with non-blunt knives. 

Vector Look Ahead

It goes without saying, every sign maker wants to work in a most efficient way to obtain the most precise end product possible. The Vector Look Ahead function is one of those features, making the sign maker's life a breeze and guaranteeing an outstanding end product.

During cutting of small curves, the Vector Look Ahead function automatically avoids up and down acceleration of the motor, ensuring smoother corners and faster cutting. The Vector Look Ahead function only optimizes the cutting of corners in small curves. For larger curves, this optimization is not used, nor necessary to obtain perfect corners.

The Vector Look Ahead function is part of the internal intelligence on all SummaCut and S Class 2 roll cutters and will be activated automatically as soon as two succeeding vectors make a small angle.