Faces behind Summa: Meet Summa's Order Entry department

"Faces Behind Summa" was created to give you a sneak peek of Summa behind the scenes. It is the people/faces behind Summa, who helped Summa become the thriving, growing company it is today. With their infinite enthusiasm and passion, Summa is able to make forward movements each day.

Order Entry, what is it all about

Consider this, without orders coming in, there is no business. And without a team taking care of the orders, there is no business either. So let’s meet the team and ask what it is all about.

In the literal sense, order management means keeping track of incoming orders. Of course, this is a rather narrow description because an order entry department entails much more; customer contact, handling orders, planning, logistics, customer service, alternate all day long.

A well-run order department, undeniably, involves professionality of its staff. Did you count with how many other departments Order Entry is connected? We definitely need good synergy here. Whether it be sales, production or accounting, the one department can’t function without the other. A perfect correlation between all of them is indispensable to obtain a customer-oriented, well-governed and flexible order department.

All in all, trying to keep 4 balls in the air, means you need great focus. This is exactly what symbolizes Order Entry. With the expansion of the Summa business, the department is starting to work increasingly efficient, to keep offering our customers first-hand professional advice and support with a smile.

Teamwork makes the dream work

At Summa, a team consisting of three people takes care of the smooth running of the order department. Summa’s Finance Manager, Jürgen Huyghe, counts the most working years at Summa and is keeping an overview of the good functioning of the order department, whilst, at the same time taking care of all financial matters within the company. His working agenda is packed considerably, but Jürgen is known to fulfil each task precisely and efficiently.

“I consider Summa to be a good place to work and I truly enjoy the variation within my job. I always try to keep up with the newest developments within the company and the industry. What’s more, by focusing on further digitalization, I hope to add more flexibility to the processes within the order entry department.” – Jürgen Huyghe

Meanwhile, Sigrid Vanthournout and Mia Vanhee are following-up orders during every stage of the process to get the goods to the customer’s premises. It starts with customer contact, checking up the availability of the goods, to setting a date of shipment, sending out the order confirmation, arranging transportation of the ordered goods and invoicing the order. It sounds easy, however, solution-oriented thinking and flexibility are useful assets to quickly respond to unexpected changes in plans. Whether it be an urgent or complex order, a few containers filled to the brim for the United States or Singapore, a customs or payment issue – they are all handled with the same professionality as the everyday straightforward order.

“The versatility of the job is just great. Not one day is the same, not one order is the same. Whether it be an urgent spare part a customer needs to keep running his production or the shipment of an entire container overseas, there’s never a dull day at Summa. Add a spoon of challenge, intensity and cosiness to this recipe, and you have a good idea of my working days at Summa”. – Mia Vanhee

The job is, like Mia said, a nice everyday challenge and practice to keep your head cool all day, even on summer days. It involves full commitment and enthusiasm at all times, combined with excellent teamwork, which is something all three of them – together - achieve with flair, enthusiasm and mucho gusto!

“Customer service at Summa: well done is better than well said!” – Sigrid Vanthournout