Out-of-Home advertising to strengthen a brand’s reputation


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No matter if you are living or working in the city centre, when you go outside, you will be confronted with advertising in all shapes and colours. The same happens when you are on the road. There will be advertising all around, on bridges, buildings and so on. Wide-format banners you cannot ignore, billboards, entire walls or buildings wrapped in advertisements. Out-of-Home (OOH) is everywhere and its impact is sometimes bigger than we are aware of. Let alone the making-off of print and cut; a random passer-by is not aware of this until he notices a small mistake.

How a Summa product contributes to striking OOH advertising

The majority of OOH inventory is still printed and with printing comes cutting. Also in this form of signage, it is important that the finishing of these printed media is impeccable and breaths creativity to make a lasting impression.

The best OOH campaigns take a person on a journey. Starting at zero, catching the passers-by eye through design, colours or size. Evoking emotional response and eventually persuading them to engage with a brand.

Due to their size and location, large-format advertisement ensures high visibility and immediately attracts the attention of passers-by and commuters. They are colourful and bring simple and clear messages. The creative possibilities of wide-format banners and billboards are endless: special cutouts, integration of LED lights, holographic projection, 3D-effects, … By using exceptional formats, companies have the possibility to stand out, to tell a story as a brand and share a powerful message. With Summa’s F Series you can deliver them with a perfect cut.

The high reach of outdoor advertising 

Although it is one of the oldest forms of advertising, this form of advertising is becoming a more prominent medium for many companies. In fact, it is proven that out-of-home advertising has a much higher reach than any other media (i.e. magazines, radio, TV, social media). This is no strange thing as it is able to reach a mass audience quickly and consistently. Out-of-Home advertising has thus become a natural, ever-present part of the urban population. Out-of-Home advertising isn’t limited to city centres only. The scope of OOH placements has widened considerably. They brighten up spaces outside airports, are installed straight onto airport buildings, at waiting sheds (street furniture) and on public transportation vehicles (buses, taxis, trains, trams).

Considering the above, OOH is clearly a medium that has perfectly merged with public life and evokes powerful emotions. And because the range of outdoor ads is so versatile, it is also a great business opportunity for sign makers.