Release notes - GoProduce V3 Flatbed Edition

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Summa GoProduce Flatbed Edition - Version 3.0.0 A1

Released: March 22, 2024

Changes to 3.0.0


  • GoProduce software for the F Series is now called "GoProduce Flatbed Edition".
  • GoProduce Flatbed Edition is now 64-bit.
  • Fixed-size compensation: better angle calculation for shapes where the height is different from the width.
  • Add "regmarks" option for ZCC and i-Cut import to optionally import regmarks and to clarify that the "Size" property is meant for regmarks.
  • Output option to omit waste cut on the first segment.

New Features

  • Added the "GoConnect" feature, which can be activated via a separate license.
  • Added support for the "IMC Polar 750 Sheet Feeder" to "GoConnect".
  • Added the "Load material" action to load the initial sheet of an automatic feeder.
  • New predefined action sets for automatic feeder support are installed under "My Documents" and can be imported from GoProduce.
  • Added the "Drill holes" feature for routing.
  • Added the "Lead-in/lead-out" feature for routing.
  • Added the "Drill-hole" method to the default material manager.
  • Added "Twin X" checkbox option for PLT/HPGL/DMPL import to be able to import these files as an F Series file or as a Twin X file.
  • Added basic and advanced logging features for better support. From the "General" ribbon tab, you can change the logging settings and exchange the workflow logs via local file save or "Summa Cloud Storage".
  • Added support for a new product key feature "Showroom Version".

Fixed Issues

  • Solved: shapes could sometimes have a wrong position in specific DXF files.
  • Solved: shapes could sometimes have a wrong position in specific PDF files.
  • Solved: Method and tool settings are sometimes lost when opening multiple native files.
  • Solved: Order of layers are not saved after changing the layer order, saving the job and reopening it.
  • Solved: No visual feedback on routing path when using "As designed".
  • Solved: Certain activations like Pro Pack trial versions are, in some cases, reset after restart.
  • Solved: Actions in an action set operation on layers prevent the action set from being executed when the layer method is not present. However, this is not always desired. Instead, these actions are now skipped.
  • Solved: When the output is finished, the parsing error of "Joblog.csv" is sometimes needlessly logged to SummaGoProduce.log.
  • Solved: In some cases, GoProduce can crash on customer registration when trying to retrieve the list of possible countries.
  • Solved: Jobs are sometimes cut at the wrong position with "medium" sheet consistency.
  • Solved: Polishing pass adds extra lines in some cases.

Recommended Firmware:
F Series Firmware MD9974

Go to Software / Firmware, then select 'software' and 'flatbed cutters'.