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Summa GoCare - Version 1.2.0

Released: September 7, 2022

Summa GoCare is developed for technicians to provide technical support on the Summa products. 

New features

  • Backup to Azure storage.


  • Change message in pixel calibration to "Feed center of last applied tape to the cutter head".
  • Reduced height for drawing paper positions to make it easier to remove the tape.
  • Update drawing paper positions in mechanical alignment test for the camera alignment test.
  • Do not talk about 'Azure', instead use 'Summa cloud storage".
  • Show proper message when no internet connection is available on backup to or restore from the Summa cloud storage.
  • Remove “Check and report” in user mode.
  • Remove “new action set” in the documents folder.
  • Remove event logger in user mode.
  • Remove material manager in user mode.
  • Remove tool settings in user mode.
  • Change default name of backup of device and vision to local the same as cloud backup filename.
  • Remove image of laser tool in tool properties similar to GoProduce LE.
  • Firmware upgrade done message changed to “ Wait until upgrade is complete to reboot device and press finish.”.
  • Update default test sets for service and factory mode.
  • Cloud backup/restore improvements:
  • Filename of factory backup: add “-Factory.xml”
  • Filename of user backup: add "-YYYY-MM-DD.xml"
  • Show drop down box on restore to select proper backup
  • What if no backup exists? Show proper message.
  • Sending files larger then 10kB failed for example the DIN test.
  • Check for valid serial number in the machine LXXXXX-XXXX before running a test.
  • When loading the tape, use a scan feed instead of a normal feed. Makes the trigger error pop up faster.
  • Switch "Head Camera - Set camera focus" and "Head Camera - Calibrate" order.
  • Add vision camera backup action to user mode.
  • Rename "Move files to GPLE" to "Update GPLE".
  • Change description in "Vision Camera - Set camera order" and "Vision Camera - Set camera focus".
  • Add browse folder button to action property Directory.
  • Add extra offset to the vertical alignment in vision camera alignment (100px).
  • Change "Move files to GPLE" category to "Vision camera".
  • Rename "Move files to directory" to "Backup" with "Vision camera" as category.
  • Add calibration sheet for head camera focus.
  • Add test files as last step.
  • Add MDxxxx number and version number to boot folder for the L3214.
  • Improvements to avoid backlash.
  • Add driver installers to installation.
  • Avoid having to confirm each mark manually in pixel calibration.
  • Upgrade file of the L3214 will be published as ZIP archive.

Fixed Issues

  • Calibrate head camera focus, detection not successfully done.
  • After feeding wait for response not working because the air pressure of the nozzle is switching.
  • Feed issue when press the buttons in the mechanical alignment and pixel calibration.
  • Path not exist in circle and din test action
  • Calibrate pixels squares on the left not cut successfully (Bed size changed 1850 to 1820).
  • Actions sets remain disabled after pressing finish when upgrade is done.


Go to Software / Firmware, then select 'software' and 'laser cutters'.