How to create several "tool property presets" such as speed settings, for one material?

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In this example, we will create different speed settings for different routing bits for the material Aluminium Composite board.


1. Select the material where you want to create the speed settings for each bit diameter:


2. In the next step select the material Thickness where you want to create the speed settings for each bit diameter. Then select the method and press on the setup icon.


3. Duplicate the Default layer.


4. A new Tool property setting will be created for this router for this material for this thickness.


5. Change the name, description to your own needs and press OK


6. Do the same for the 3 mm diameter bit:

  • Duplicate the tool properties of the default tool
  • Change the name and description
  • Change the speed setting to 40mm/s in this case (as requested by the customer)
  • Select the bit that you want to use, in this case the 3mm (P/N 500-9850)
  • Select OK


7. Press OK in the Material setup


8. When you now open a job with the Aluminium Composite Board material you will find in your Thru-cut settings the different tool properties.