Summa's nieuwe website werd ontwikkeld vanuit het perspectief van onze klant

Whether you visit a website to find general information or to do thorough research, a website has many functions. Perhaps you are looking for technical support or want to activate a product’s feature. But whatever the reason, it is important that the information on the website is easy to find, understandable and attractive so you are helped quickly.  

This has been a major drive for Summa to develop a new website with more content and easy navigation delivering visitors added value. We want the website to serve as your online Summa catalogue, providing an experience that is more engaging and tailored to your specific cutting needs. For Summa users, it can function as a helpful go-to-platform. All of this is brought together in a sleek modern design that reflects our growing cutting-edge business. 

A dynamic platform, built to stay close to you 

To shape the idea, we changed our traditional product-oriented website into a dynamic platformA platform that is interactiveinspiring and forceful. To realize thisthe website’s structure was turned upside down and is now based on the four main industries of our target audience: Sign & Display, Textile, Packaging and Industrial. This way, navigating through content within your specific business area is a lot more straightforward and efficient.  

Additionally, in-depth content on industry-specific topics and applications help guide intelligent decision-makingThrough inline links and integrated buttons, more relevant content is offered to help you do your research. Everyone knows that images appeal to one's imagination. The website has, therefore, taken a new direction with more images and product videos. It is prepared for even more videos to include in the future. This way,  you can relate easier and better understand a product’s potential. 

Simplify your search with the Solution Finder 

Aside from content, we want to provide you with targeted product advice for cutting solutions that eliminate the complexity in cutting. To achieve this, we developed a Solution Finder that will guide you in the right direction of a cutting solution, suitable for your specific businessBesides, it can serve as a helpful tool to prepare you for a consultation with a Summa representative or Summa Business Partner. 

Enhanced support area, at your service 

A well-structured new support page provides easy access to the most recent software and firmware downloads, user manuals, and product registration. Simply use the search bar to find the software you are looking for, or select a button of a product series to filter the results. In this support area, there is also a FAQ and tutorial page integrated to answer any lingering questions you may have on how to use Summa products.  Furthermore, if you need urgent assistance you can register your support request with us by submitting the Connect form and provide us with the applicable serial number. Summa and business partners are at your service! 

Be inspired by our customer stories 

If you feel more like reading about customer experiences you can relate to, then visit the Summa blog to get inspiredThe blog page features inspiring customer stories, highlighting how Summa users deploy their cutting machines to complete their projects and add value to their cutting workflow. Some of these stories are about unique applications you never thought of and might even be beneficial in finding new business opportunities for youWe encourage you to share your own Summa story with us and get featured on our blog! If you are interested, you can send an email to [email protected] 

We are excited to present our new website to you and continue building on it to adapt to our visitor’s needs. What’s more, we are now the proud owner of the domain, which gives us immediate cachet on a global scale. Keep an eye on our website because we will not stop adding features and content. Visit our website at