Prodigi’s search for fast and high quality service!

Summa has always strived to put the customer’s needs in the foreground. The more a company knows about its customer, the better positioned they are to advise them on their requirements and to develop a relationship with them that goes beyond simply supplier and customer. By means of case studies, Summa hopes to strengthen customer loyalty to the maximum for future prosperous businesses.

Prodigi Group ( is a technology and manufacturing business specialising in the creation and fulfilment of high-volume, custom products. The Group’s mission is to help companies selling personalised products such as fine art prints, canvases and stickers to simplify their supply-chains and maximise their profits. This is achieved through a combination of internally developed API software ( and a hybrid production model which coordinates in-house manufacturing with outsourcing.

The challenge

Over the years, Prodigi experienced significant increases in order volumes resulting in large numbers of prints and posters needing to be cut faster and more efficiently. Manual processes had traditionally ensured high production standards but this approach was extremely time-consuming and Prodigi realized they must change quickly in order to keep up with an increasingly fast-paced world. Therefore, Prodigi contacted the U.K.-based Summa distributor Art Systems. Their response was instant and the professional finishing system, Summa's F1612, had soon found a new home.

The solution

Prodigi had already encountered Summa a few times at various shows and was aware of their high-quality portfolio. However, it was Summa’s barcode workflow, which enables the system to automatically recognize and process the job, that caught Prodigi’s eye and convinced them of the Summa flatbed finishing system.

The barcode workflow is the main reason of acquiring the Summa F1612 and really makes an enormous difference in the speed at which our products are processed. We don’t need to worry about any of the settings anymore, because that’s all done automatically. User-intervention is decreased to an absolute minimum now. Thanks to the creation of a barcode system and well-thought-out pricing policy, the investment in a Summa flatbed finishing system was quite small in comparison with the huge benefits it offers. Moreover, Summa being the only company that makes both flatbeds and roll-to-roll cutters, also meant a big advantage from a workflow point of view”.

Beside three Summa F1612 flatbed finishing systems, one in their Venlo (Netherlands) factory and two in their Farnham (UK) factory, Prodigi also employs two Summa S2T160 roll cutters in each location. Prodigi is especially pleased with the ease and speed at which the Summa roll cutter does the contour cutting of stickers and prints.

“The S2T160 proved itself to be a very reliable roll-to-roll cutting machine, able to cut 50 metres in one go and more. In combination with the Summa F1612 flatbed finishing system, this S2T160 roll-to-roll cutter is simply the ideal cut solution for any print & cut workflow”.

“Furthermore, as demand is skyrocketing and many customers want their products to arrive the same day, we will need more capacity to be able to meet these demands. A purchase of another Summa F Series flatbed finishing system is therefore in the pipeline in the very near future”, says Steve Levin, Chief Operating Officer”.

The turning of the tides

Prodigi is always looking for means to increase productivity and get the products faster to their end-users. As soon as the first Summa F1612 was installed by Art Systems, the benefits were instant. Acquiring the Summa F1612 flatbed finishing systems helped them to speed up productivity substantially and boost the overall quality of the products they create.

“Prior to the arrival of the Summa F1612 everything was cut by hand and this situation extended lead-times and caused workflow issues. The Summa F1612 has enabled us to substantially reduce the turnaround times on jobs that were previously cut manually”.

The tools on the F1612, providing Prodigi with the high-quality cut they uphold, are the Kiss-cutting tool, the Double-Edge knife and occasionally the Heavy-Duty tool. Step by step, Prodigi is developing the versatility of the machine. The potential of what they can produce is wider than ever and yet still they are experimenting on getting the most out of the flatbed’s numerous possibilities.

“The variety of substrates the F1612 can cut, combined with its ease-of-use, robustness and reliability make it an absolute winner and a real asset to our machine arsenal. Having used the F1612 for a while now makes us wonder why we haven’t purchased it sooner!”

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