Only a perfect cut will do

Rotational power. Powerful rotations.

Trim your banners with the new High Torque Rotary Module (HT RM), built for Summa's sturdy F Series finishing cutting systems. Compared to the standard rotary module, the HT RM shows one main difference. The rotational torque of the new module is four times higher at lower rotational speed, which makes the HT RM much more powerful.

The higher rotational power enables you to cut tougher and thicker substrates, which makes the HT RM most suitable to cut banner material (PVC coating). It is also ideal to cut porous materials due to the minimal pressure on the substrate. An added perk is that the HT RM is able to cut close(r) to material edges, enabling to reduce waste material to an absolute minimum. 

So, if you're looking for a powerful module that offers cutting-edge finishing of your banner material, you can rely on Summa's HT RM!

The longer the knife, the more possibilities!

Admittedly, whether size matters or not is, in the general context, open for discussion. But talking about the new Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT-L), size is crucial in order to obtain a perfect finishing result.

This new Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT-L) is used with a Longer type of knife, enabling to cut soft, thick material with a minimum thickness of 20 mm and a maximum thickness up to 42 mm.

The standard POT will still be recommended to cut thinner material (< 20 mm), so both POT tools will have their own cutting specifications.  The POT-L, however, will be especially beneficial within the automotive, packaging and insulation industries in order to cut thick, soft foams.

As you can see, Summa will never rest on their laurels and will keep researching, innovating and developing to offer products, that seamlessly fit into their customer's workflow.