NRA Repro AB chooses the large-format Summa F3232 flatbed cutter

NRA Repro AB is a Swedish printing company that supplies a wide portfolio of products, ranging from small scale prints to neon signs, banners and large format. The company is located in Norrland, Umeå, and is perceived as a reliable business. It focuses on delivering innovative products that meet the highest quality standards.

Until a few months ago, the company did all the cutting of their products manually. They wanted to make this process more efficient and save valuable time. So after a thorough search, the company purchased a Summa F3232 flatbed cutter. The perfect companion to their large format EFI Vutek Hybrid Printer.

Versatility and a strong reputation

In their search for an adequate flatbed cutter, NRA Repro AB wanted a versatile large-format cutter, able to process different sorts of material. Many brands were examined during visits to Fespa and Drupa exhibitions. Only when the company saw a Summa F1612 flatbed cutter performing excellent cutting jobs, they were convinced and ready to purchase its larger brother, the F3232.

Mattias Adolfsson, Sales and Product Manager at NRA Repro AB explains: “Actually, we have been working with a Summa product for over 20 years – the roll cutter S2160. This amazing piece of equipment is still running as we speak. So, we are quite familiar with the Summa brand already in a very positive way. All Summa F Series sizes are equipped with a modular tooling system, enabling to cut a wide gamut of substrates. This has been the decisive factor, persuading us the Summa F3232 was indeed the perfect match and addition to our production workflow.”

Growing step by step to open up new markets

Meanwhile, the Swedish company is working with the F3232 flatbed cutter for nearly two months and expresses nothing but praise.  

Mattias: “To date, the F3232 delivered perfectly cut products in vinyl, mesh, banner material and even Samba backlit polyester, used to fit into lightboxes. Very soon it dawned to us possibilities with this machine are endless. Soon we will be testing cardboard material on the flatbed too. The fact that tools can be retrofitted at all times is a great perk here. That way, the F3232 can gradually grow with our business and allows us to open up new opportunities and new markets.”


Goodbye to inconvenience, welcome to efficiency

Before the arrival of the F3232, the company cut everything by hand, banners included, which is a very time-consuming and troublesome way. Now, with the F3232, the company’s production has increased tremendously. Also, everything is cut much more precisely.

Mattias concludes: “In fact, we could never obtain such accurate cutting manually. The F3232 embodies a true asset to our machine fleet. We’ve only worked with it for about 6 weeks but already we notice substantial efficiency increase in our production workflow. We simply can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish together with this fine piece of equipment.”

The Summa F3232 Summa was delivered and serviced by Color Systems Scandinavia.