Summa Cutter Control 5.0 is out! — Roll-Up System for the F1612 flatbed

Summa Press Release / For immediate release 15/01/2015

Summa Cutter Control 5.0 is out!
The software program Summa Cutter Control has been revamped into a new stylish and user-friendly design. The program has been a pioneer in controlling all parameters from the cutter via the computer and is still today a valuable tool for the operator, as well as for technicians.

With the integration of the new Summa Camera Control System in Cutter Control the S Class 2 CAM units now have the possibility to read Summa postnet barcode, making automated workflow possible. While in the past OPOS CAM was mainly promoted for sheet application, today it is a full alternative for OPOS X on every contour job, making it the fastest system in its class.

The new version copies the rewarded style of Axis Control, delivered with our F Series tables. Some new features have been added, such as the possibility to automatically scan the network for Summa devices, which enables a fluent setup. Also the fileserver has been migrated with the barcode server. This new barcode server can manage up to 8 cutters at once. The only thing to do is centralize the data into one single folder and the server will find the job, independent in which machine it was set up.

New: Roll-Up System for the F1612 flatbed
In order to optimize the use of our flatbed F1612 Summa engineers have developed a functional roll-up system, ideal to roll up any kind of flexible roll material. Complete rolls with a width up to 165cm and a weight up to 50kg of printed contour cut material can be left onto the roll easily, facilitating the handling of material highly this way.

Every flatbed model can be equipped with the roll-up, also existing models. The roll-up system can be bought afterwards to upgrade the flatbed at any time. The only thing to do in this case is updating the software Axis Control to version 3.12 and the firmware to version 17.

Although the installation of the roll-up is easy, it is required to have it installed through an authorized Summa technician.


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