Summa F Series flatbed cutters validated for HP Latex R Printer Series

Summa Press Release / For immediate release 18/10/2019

Integrated workflows with print and cut solutions are enabling businesses to shorten lead times and offer a wider range of applications than ever before. Therefore, Summa is proud to announce that HP has validated Summa’s F Series flatbed cutters for the HP Latex R Printer Series. The printers and cutters complement each other perfectly, bringing customer workflows to the next level.

While obtaining stunning colours on rigid, or even flexible materials with the HP Latex R Printer Series, the finishing with Summa’s F Series precision cutters delivers the same level of quality. This enables businesses to combine the choice of material, design, colour results and cutting quality into excellent end products. HP states that the aim of the HP and Summa Partnership is to enhance the value proposition and competitive advantage of HP Latex and Summa with solutions for the E2E printing environment beyond the printer.

Summa’s Executive Director, Wim Maes: “This year, Summa accomplished its goal to improve the synergy with the large format digital printer market, by launching two large-format flatbeds matching the 3.2 m (10’ 5”) working width of printers perfectly. In combination with Summa’s GoProduce software, the F Series ensures the highest versatility to process all kinds of material and offer numerous high-end solutions to the sign making, textile, and digital print industries. Even more so, with the HP Partnership and validation for the F Series with the HP Latex R Printer Series, this pursuit of excellent synergy between printers and cutters has reached new heights.”

Meet short deadlines

Both the printer and the cutter are made to deliver the highest quality with optimum lead times. But in order to make a significant difference in the time needed to process the order, it is indispensable for both operations to be perfectly coordinated. This is exactly why collaborations, such as this print and cut solution, are so powerful to optimize workflows, save valuable time and deliver products that meet the needs of the customer in time.

Workflow versatility to the next level

A well-integrated workflow helps businesses to offer a wider range of applications. Since the materials printed on the HP R Printer Series can be processed flawlessly on the Summa F Series, no application will be too bold a challenge to create. Always with the highest quality level in mind.

Find practical similarities such as the dimensions of rigid and flexible materials that fit on the flatbed cutters, as well as the types of material that the flatbed system can easily handle. This is possible thanks to high-quality modules that can house multiple tools to efficiently apply multiple cutting techniques in one single job. For example, paper-thin, thick materials, rigid and flexible materials have no secrets for Summa's flatbed cutters. With which, in turn, all kinds of applications are made such as stickers, posters, beach flags and advertising displays.

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